Sweeping State

Theater wins State

Chloe Kapica, Feature Writer

Over spring break, the theater department brought home, not only memories, but gold as well.

H-F Group Interpretation performed A Head Full of Dreams: The Life of John Merrick while H-F Contest Play performed Ernest and the Pale Moon. The Life of John Merrick won first place while Ernest and the Pale Moon won second place.

“We can only keep going up from here. I think many H-F thespians will be excited to be a part of more great shows,” junior Laila Malak said.

The crew members were IHSA champions for their hard work on both productions.

“It was amazing; It felt like ultimate happiness. Everyone was smiling, hugging and crying,” junior Mackenzie Lyseng said.

This win was huge seeing as though GI was three weeks behind.

“There was a time when I didn’t think we would have a show. But we all put our blood, sweat, and tears into this show. We wanted to do well so badly and it felt so satisfying when we continued to do well at each competition. Winning state was the biggest reward and we were all so happy that our hard work paid off,” Malak said.

Even though this win was a huge success for the theatre department, that does not stop them from finding more ways to improve for next year.  

“It makes us more motivated for next year’s competitive season. We want it next year too,” Lyseng said.

In the end, the H-F thespians are ready for whatever challenge comes at next year’s IHSA tournament.