The Hidden Gems of H-F

Faith Lee, Feature Writer

H-F is packed with many clubs and activities to join after school. There are close to 70 of them to choose from. The more commonly known clubs are DECA, speech, and theatre. However, there are also some clubs that don’t get nearly as much recognition as others. These clubs are the true hidden gems of H-F.


The first hidden gem at H-F is EDDA. EDDA is the award winning art and literary magazine of H-F. The publication has stood tall for about 57 years and has published almost every year since 1962.


Sahar Mustafah, the sponsor for Edda, has been working on the magazine for over eight years. Within her time working with Edda, she enjoys her role.


“My favorite issues are the “Three Ring Circus” and “From the Ashes,” Mustafah said. “[From the Ashes] had a compelling, startilling cover and the artwork and writing were in sync. That was something we’ve never experienced before.”


Magazine Editor, Rebecca May has been an EDDA member since her freshman year and as a senior, she looks forward to what’s coming up for her last and final issue.


“[Over the past few years], EDDA has become really important to me,” May said. “It makes me feel like I’m helping the kind of people who have things to say but aren’t loud enough. So we write those things down because they could be important.”


At the beginning of the school year, EDDA members pitch and vote for a theme for the issue. The magazine is filled with original poetry, short stories, and vast varieties of art. It is published every April.


If you have a passion for writing or art, stop by and join. Edda meets every Wednesday except the first Wednesday of the month from 3:15-4:00 in room A11.


Another hidden gem at H-F is Friends of the Library. This club was established in 2002. Librarian Jane Harper has been a sponsor for 12 years and  librarian Alicia Rodriguez has been a co-sponsor for two years.


“Friends of the Library is a group of people who love to read, they love libraries, and being around people who have a love for reading and libraries,” Harper said.


Friends of the Library helps to pick out materials for the library, and help create and support events. They also host an annual family book discussion, game night, and bake sale.


Senior Mackenzie Lyseng has been in Friends of the Library since freshman year.


“I joined Friends of the Library because one of my friends dragged me into it for their Halloween party and I’ve been in it ever since,” Lyseng said. “It’s a ton of people who love the same things all in one spot and there are lots of fun events.”


Friends is a great way to grow your reading abilities, but it also helps people to grow their social skills.


“I [learned] how to interact with people much better than I did freshman year,” Lyseng said. “I also learned how to get out of my comfort zone and be happier while I’m in school. Friends of the Library definitely has a special place in my heart.”


If you like to read and be with like-minded people, join Friends of the Library, every other Friday from 3:15-4:00.


Another club that’s rarely mentioned at H-F is the Chess club.


Sophomore Marquel Flanagan has been playing chess since 4th grade and has played on the team at H-F for one year. He joined the team to continue playing and to grow his skill.


“I like to play chess because you can always improve on what you are doing,” Flanagan said. “Even the best players learn new strategies and try new things.”


The chess season runs from August until February which is a long time to improve on your game and friendships. The chess team has a really great bond and grows to know each other  well over the six months.


“Mr. Bonges is a great coach and will help you improve on your skills. Your game will definitely go to the next level,” Flanagan said.


If you have an in-depth perspective on things and if you’re good at analyzing, then the chess team is for you. Stop by B5 see Mr.Bonges in room B5.


These three clubs are all unique in their own way. They can help in a great way with your day to day life. If you have don’t have anything to do after school, consider joining these clubs.