A Week Without

Social Media

Imagine going a week without something you loved and treasured dearly.

That’s exactly what I did.
For one week, I did not go on social media.

It was difficult the first few days when I had that sudden urge to open up Instagram and start scrolling through my feed.

It was interesting going so long without social media because I did not know what was going on or what was trending. It was like being in a seclusive, little bubble all to myself.

However, that bubble can get lonely at times. That’s why I had to replace it with something else.
Instead, I went to the school library and checked out Catch-22 and Fahrenheit 451.

During my social media ban, I watched movies. I watched The Florida Project, I,Tonya, and Blackkklansman.

Social media can distract us from what’s happening in the real world so every once in a while, I think it’s good to take a break.

I learned that I was tempted to open the app.

When something we love gets taken away from us, we realize how much it holds a sense of value in our hearts.

Because of this immediate sense of release, we must replace it with something else.

In this case, I found myself socializing more.

I normally don’t go on social media a lot, especially when I’m busy.

So, a week without it wasn’t too bad.

However, I don’t think I would make this a part of my daily routine.

It is important to stay on social media so we can stay connected and be informed about what’s going on in the world.

Even though, we constantly say we should take time apart from the internet, it is still important to see what is going on in the world.