Helping our furry friends

Shelters rescue animals from Hurricane Florence

Lindsey Muse, News Writer

The state of North Carolina has undergone a category four Hurricane that has torn through several cities and ruined multiple beaches.

Houses and cities are largely at stake from the damage of Hurricane Florence. But what most people forget about is our pets. The first thing that comes to our mind when a natural disaster arises is our own protection and the safety of our home.

Any pet or animal is vulnerable to natural disasters and they don’t know how to protect themselves when these obstacles occur. So it is up to us to help guide them in the right direction to a better and safer environment.

Many rescue troops have been helping various animals that have been found or brought into shelters in the North Carolina region. Shelters around the the U.S and bordering states are helping take in animals from local shelters that have been hit by Florence.

Shelters around the Chicagoland area are joining in on the rescue mission to help take in more animals.

South Suburban Humane Society did not take in any animals from Hurricane Florence. But, they did help take in animals in 2017 from Southern Pines Animal shelter in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

“Last year during Hurricane Harvey we’ve taken in about 50 animals.” Adoption Counselor Maria Fitzsimmons said.

The Anti Cruelty Society is an animal welfare organization and animal shelter located in Chicago that takes in animals that have been impacted by hurricanes or other natural disasters. Last year they took in over 100 animals that were impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

Recently on Sept. 15th they started receiving animals from South Carolina and putting them into shelters. They are now taking donations to help the society take care of them and to help other animals in need.

PAWS Chicago have lent a helping hand with rescue missions in the past such as Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Since then they have assembled their volunteer force in the wake of natural disasters to give hope and reassurance to people coping with these tragedies.

Associate Director, Sarah McDonald says they did not take part in the Hurricane Florence rescue effort. They reached out to a few groups but were in no need of assistance.

Moreover, PAWS of Tinley park helps rescue animals that are in need of shelter, but sometimes they need extra help caring for the animals.

Reaching out and helping your local shelter can help save hundreds of lives. Even small tasks like delivering packaged food or treats, recycling old blankets or clothes. Can be a great help to several animals lives.

Make sure your lending a helping hand to your local shelter today by either volunteering or donating to make a change.

You can do that by contacting your local shelter today, these are the local shelters in the Chicago region.

You can start by contacting the South Suburban Humane Society at (708)755-7387 , The Anti Cruelty Society at (312)644-838 ,Settler’s Pond in Beecher, IL at (708)-990-2780, PAWS Chicago at (773)-935-7297, and PAWS Tinley Park at (815)-464-7298.