Over-Spicing our lives

Chloe Kapica, Feature Editor

As you turn into the local Starbucks for your morning cup of joe, something feels odd, as if there’s a change in the weather. Walking in, you see it. A store full of caffeinated teenagers pepped up on pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin Spice season is here, once again, to kidnap the minds and stomachs of young teens for no good reason.

Thankfully, I am not one of those teens.

I am a teen who hates the bitter taste of a pumpkin spice latte (PSL) and gags at the taste of a pumpkin spice mini muffin.

I just don’t understand what the big deal is.

I think teens are drawn to the PSL because it represents fall. Teens are also drawn to the warmth of the cup because they find this comforting.

However, the PSL is not the only latte option on the Starbucks menu. There are many others to choose from that can warm your chilly hands.

I think that Starbucks should offer samples of their PSL to those like me who are unsure if they are willing to spend the five dollars on the caffeine. This will give customers a chance to taste the sugary drink before buying it.

Fall doesn’t just have to be “Pumpkin Spice season”. It can mean many things such as cold weather, Halloween, and bare trees.

Fall is a time for layers and trying to see how many blankets you can fit around you. It is a time that is neither boiling hot nor brutally cold. It is the perfect in between.

It’s ridiculous how many things you can make out of pumpkin spice. From mini muffins to candles, teens will waste their money on a wide array of pumpkin spice-filled things.

Walking into your everyday Bath and Body Works, there aren’t just pumpkin spice items littering the shelves of the shampoo section. They are hidden throughout the store, ready to jump out and grab you by your vulnerable nose.

Now, you can find pumpkin spice items literally anywhere else. But the thing about Bath and Body Works is that they also provide other fall-related scents in all their products.

Teens are vulnerable to these types of products, once the season rolls around. They stock up on unnecessary products to give to friends or to keep for themselves.

Why waste money on an object that is basically just a smell?

Although, you know what’s the most ridiculous thing of all? Pumpkin spice twinkies. Ew. Just ew.

Regardless, it’s shocking how many people can be obsessed with this material object they can finish in one gulp.

That’s probably why they constantly come back for more, wasting their hard earned cash on meaningless objects.

I’ll never understand why people are so captivated with the sweet taste of a PSL or melt at the smell of a pumpkin spice body lotion. It’s so mysterious.

Probably like Halloween.

For the most part, as soon as PSL season is over, you know in your heart it will be back again next year because it is a never ending cycle of madness.