Schools neglect barstools

As children, we are taught drugs and alcohol lead us nowhere in life. Schools set up programs such as D.A.R.E. and Operation Snowball to steer kids away from any forms of intoxication.

These programs are designed to basically scare kids from harmful substances. The Homewood public school system pushes these programs hard onto the youth and I’m not confused on “why?” at all.

Homewood has a plethora of food outlets, but an insane amount of them profit off of alcohol. In downtown Homewood on the corners of Ridge Road and Dixie Highway, there’s literally almost a bar on every corner. The Tin Ceiling, The Copper Still Martini Bar and The Ridgewood Tap. And there’s two liquor stores, Grape & Grain and Homewood Liquors plus two breweries named Vice and Rabid.

That doesn’t even include the bar and restaurant combos which include: Lassen’s Tap, Fifth Quarter Tap, Grady’s Snack N Dine, Aurelio’s Pizza, La Voȗte Bistro and Bar, Chili’s Grill and Bar, The Cottage on Dixie and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Why are we surrounded by alcohol when our whole childhood consists of people telling us to get away from it? This just seems so deceptive.

I know that H-F doesn’t play a role in these decisions, but the elected officials for the Village of Homewood should regulate more on the businesses they let into our town. There is no need for this excessive amount of alcohol.

The Village of Homewood Economic and Community Development Director Angela Mesaros helps the Mayor, who is the liquor commissioner, regulate the difference abundance of businesses coming to Homewood.

“The Mayor and myself do actively work to recruit businesses. The Village Board, with input from a staff committee consisting of the Village Manager, Finance Director and myself, make recommendations for incentives to businesses we really want to see locate here, such as the breweries, bookstore and restaurants,” Mesaros said.

So my question is why does the Homewood staff committee keep agreeing to accept alcohol outlets one after another if the public school systems ward us away from them?

“Alcohol in excess is not good for adults; however, alcohol in moderation is not unhealthy for adults. The programs you named are designed to educate children/teens about healthy habits,” Mesaros said. “The Village does not condone drinking in excess or drinking & driving or other dangerous habits. Most of our drinking establishments are also required to serve food with a few exceptions.”

I don’t know if the staff committee is in denial, but the more alcohol outlets there are, the more adults are going to be tempted to excessively, unhealthily drink and abuse alcohol.