Secrets behind the stars


Chloe Kapica , Feature Editor

Like a newborn star, bursting to life, their relationship took flight and broke down.

A Star is Born has taken the world by storm, hitting $94 million in the box office in the first ten days, according to Variety. It is the fourth reboot of the classic movie.

Bradley Cooper stumbles through the movie as the alcoholic musician, Jackson Maine, and Lady Gaga stars alongside him, in her breakout role as the waitress, Ally, who longs for singing in front of an audience instead of serving food to strangers.

In an accidental run-in at a bar, sparks begin to fly and the two roam the city.

From another bar to a grocery store parking lot, Jackson (Cooper) and Ally (Gaga) are two musicians who own the night.

Then, she runs away with the man of her dreams, bound to sing in front of stadiums packed full of roaring crowds.

Generally speaking, A Star is Born is made up into acts, each one telling a part of the other character’s life and how they are each intertwined.

In the first act, the audience sees the friendship take shape and grow into something more, as Ally begins to realize the popular entertainer is never going to leave her alone.

In act two, it’s switched up and we see that underneath all the passion and romance, you find innocence and gullibility.

As Jackson slips deeper into his alcohol-drug addiction hole, Ally rises, gaining fame and fortune, still relying on Jackson as her crutch even though she really doesn’t need him anymore.

This sudden shift in roles throws their relationship out of balance like Lady Justice’s scale.
A sudden shift in power calls for drastic measures.

Right from the very beginning, A Star is Born grabs your attention. From the stunning voices to the sensational cinematography all make for a gorgeous movie.

Not only does Cooper star in the film, but directs it as well and he does an amazing job producing this vintage movie.

There are times when the camera will follow the characters like it is apart of the band.  Other times, it will just sit silently in the room as if it were a picture on a mantel.

In my opinion, this reboot of a romantic musical movie has the same vibes of La La Land, but the two aren’t randomly bursting out singing in public. They have a reason to sing, specifically on stage.

This was Lady Gaga’s first movie and she did a phenomenal job. I didn’t even recognize her when she walked on screen. She was like an entirely different person.

I love the music throughout the movie. Jackson’s music is a mix of country rock. Ally changes from country rock to the trendy pop songs of modern society, seeing where she fits in this fame-fueled world.

As soon as you walk out of the theater, you will want to walk right back in again to see it a second time.