Sports Ain’t Politics!

Before the 2018 NFL season began, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the league with the national anthem issues.

A lot of football fans in America were shunning the NFL because of players like Colin Kaepernick, Kenny Stills, and Albert Wilson kneeling during the anthem.

Oh for crying out loud, shut up and enjoy some professional football at its finest!

This political nuisance that goes by the name of Donald Trump shouldn’t be preventing the sports fans in America from enjoying their respective sports.

In politics, sports should be the last thing on your mind since your job is to help protect the country. Trump’s overly aggressive comments directed towards the NFL are becoming more senseless by the minute.

Why is our president who is putting kids in cages and separating families so focused on sports, the fun side of America that is meant to enlighten the country? (Because he’s Donald Trump.)

Alright, politics is the serious side of America, but with sports, it’s a whole new, well, ball game.

We’re not even halfway through the NFL season and yet there have been so many storylines and surprises.

Our Chicago Bears are actually looking like playoff contenders, so Bears fans have absolutely no reason to throw shade at the NFL. They’re 2-1 and are currently winning the NFC North.

Cincinnati Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis goes from nearly getting fired after failing to make the playoffs for the second year in a row after five straight appearances to winning the first two games against the Colts and Ravens to take him off of the hot seat.

For the first time since Christmas Eve 2016, the Cleveland Browns won a football game with the help of rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield, who was the first player selected in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The Buffalo Bills pulled off the biggest upset in the NFL since 1995, routing the heavily-favored Minnesota Vikings 27-6 with rookie quarterback Josh Allen leading the way with three touchdowns.

I could go on and on about how entertaining the NFL has been so far, but there are other sports that have been resisting Trump’s beef with sports.

Journalist Don Lemon interviewed LeBron James about opening a new school in his hometown Akron, Ohio and Trump tweeted that Don Lemon was the “dumbest man on television” and made James “look smart.”

Other NBA stars such as Donovan Mitchell and Karl-Anthony Towns supported James.

The Super Bowl 52 champion Philadelphia Eagles got disinvited after most players said they would skip the visit.

The bottom line is that politics should not prevent sports fans from enjoying their respective sports, especially when the championship rounds are at their best.

Super Bowl 52 was the highest scoring Super Bowl ever, the 2017 World Series saw the most home runs in history, and the 2018 Stanley Cup Final was almost won by a team that was playing its very first season in the NHL.

Not to mention that Tiger Woods won his first golf championship since 2013. That’s his 80th PGA Tour championship.

You can’t tell me that politics can put a halt to all of this excitement in the world of sports. Keep politics and sports separated.