Keep ya head up!


Domo Jones Junior quarterback Dominick Jones hands the ball off to senior running back Leon Tanna against Marist. Jones completed 19 of his 31 passes for 218 yards with no interceptions or touchdowns.

Donald Crocker , Sports Editor

The H-F football season was cut short after a loss from Marist in the quarterfinals on Nov. 7 with a score of 21-7.

The Redhawks shut down the H-F running game, their main source of offense throughout the season, by holding running back Leon Tanna to only 34 on 16 carries.

“They had a pretty good game plan: stop Leon and make us do other things,” senior defensive end Charlie Brooks said. “It made us one dimensional because we couldn’t get our run game going and that was our bread and butter this year.”

During this loss, the Vikings had a hard time finishing drives as they had two drives that were at least 80 yards that resulted in zero points.

H-F were unable to convert three 4th and short situations in the first half. If they converted these, they could have swung the momentum and ultimately won the game.

They finished off the year with a strong record of 10-2 with their only other loss coming from a tough team in Lincoln Way East.

“I would consider this season pretty successful. We had a real hard schedule and we held our own throughout the whole season. We were strong as a whole,” senior defensive back Gerrell Jackson said.

At their game against Marist, there was a lack of support from the H-F community and the Marist fans outnumbered H-F fans by having nearly twice as many in the stands.

“I feel like the stands should be packed every game, no matter who we play. Whether it’s the worst team in the state or a quarterfinal game in the playoffs,” Brooks said.

The 2015-16 freshman football team had a total of 81 boys on the roster. That class, which is now this year’s seniors, has decreased to a number of 26.

“It was a trying year for a lot of those guys for a lot of different reasons but they fought through. They mentored some young guys and helped them win a lot of games,” varsity head coach Craig Buzea said.

This year, the team had a majority of sophomores and juniors including players who made huge contributions like LaVoise McCoy, William Pauling and Denzel Bryant to name a few.

“I expect all of them to have a great year next year. We taught them as seniors how to led a team and I think they’re going to do a good job,” Jackson said.

In the last 10 years or so, the H-F football team have shown that they are one of the best teams in Illinois.

They have qualified for the IHSA playoffs every year since 2009 but haven’t won the state championship since 1994.

“Every football season never ends the way you want it to unless you win the whole thing. Obviously, we’re a little disappointed of how it ended but we’re very proud of what our guys were able to accomplish,” Buzea said.