Road to re-election


Emma Murphy, Reporter

Everything President Donald Trump has been doing since the Midterms has been part of his re-election.
As the migrant caravan now sits on our southern border, President Trump is using it as an argument for Congress to fund his border wall. The president is so set on securing funding for the wall — reportedly at least $5 billion — he was willing to shutdown the federal government when it ran out of money on Dec. 7.
He sees this as his last chance to fulfill his 2016 campaign and continue his tough crack down on immigration for his 2020 campaign. He promised to be very “strong” and “tough” on illegal immigration.
Trump continues to claim “the southern border is a big problem,” ignoring that, according to his Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Immigration Statistics, the number of entries into the U.S. via illegal border crossing dropped 75 percent between 2000 and 2016. If that is true why spend so much money on a border wall if it isn’t even that big of a problem?
The border wall to me is dumb. The United States is a melting pot of amazing people. The majority of people can trace back ancestors who came over as immigrants therefore, he should not be able to keep people out building a wall.
As Democrats will assume the majority in the House of Representatives in January and they will make clear they don’t believe the border wall is sound policy.
If he doesn’t get the border wall passed by January (when the Democrats come into office) this will continue as one of his main points for his re-election.
When Trump was running for office one of his many selling points to Americans was he would be shaking up the economy. He has indeed done that, and if he gets re-elected you can expect more of it. But for now the main thing he is doing to the economy is the trade deal with China.
The economic agreement President Trump said he reached with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Dec. 1 showed signs of unraveling Dec. 4. The White House is threatening new penalties against Beijing and multiple officials seeking to downplay expectations for an eventual deal.
Trump, in a series of Twitter posts, threatened to slap a range of import penalties on Chinese products if they did not make major changes in their economic relationship with the United States.
Trump will take a major hit if he can’t make a deal with China.
Americans are not happy with this “trade war” between the U.S. and China. It’s much cheaper for our products to be made in China rather here. Therefore, Trump isn’t the most liked person right now with his idea of helping the economy.
We can see that Trump is making his move for 2020, but are the Democrats?
Now it’s all speculation but a few big names have expressed interest in running. According to The Washington Post these big names include Joe Biden, Richard Ojeda, and John Delaney.
However, it’s just speculation, this list could change at any moment.
Just remember 2020 is sooner than you think, don’t stop thinking about our next president.