The NFL’s 2018 stat pack

Oh baby, talk about living up to the hype!

The 2018 NFL season has been filled with pure entertainment, and fans like me can do nothing but marvel at all the different storylines that have developed.

What’s behind all of this entertainment? Of course it’s the statistical powerhouse these players have generated.

According to Pro Football Reference, all 32 NFL teams combined to average 23.8 points, 357.2 yards and 20.7 first downs per game. Those are the highest averages in NFL history.

That’s not all for NFL offenses, though. In 2018, the average drive consists of 5.79 plays, 31.6 yards and 2.02 points. Those are also NFL records.

Oh yeah, offensive firepower is the moves! They say defense wins championships, but the offenses in today’s game are trying to flip the script.

On Nov. 19, the Chiefs and Rams combined for 105 points. That is the most in the storied history of Monday Night Football and the third most in NFL history.

Speaking of NFL history, how about these legends cementing their places in the record books? These quarterbacks are lighting it up.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees broke the record for career passing yards (73,908), career passing completions (6,536), passing yards per game (282.1) and he became the third quarterback to ever beat all 32 NFL teams. He did all of that in the span of four weeks!

Brees also has the second most pass attempts (9,709) and second most touchdowns (519) in NFL history. If he plays another year, he will break those records!

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the fastest guy in NFL history to reach 4,000 yards and 40 touchdowns to start his career. He did this in only 13 games. That’s not even a full season!

The wide receivers aren’t doing too shabby either. Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr. and Antonio Brown are arguably the top three receivers in the NFL.

These three players are in the top four for highest career receiving yards per game average for their careers, 97.1, 92.8 and 85.7 respectively. That’s better than Randy Moss, Terrell Owens and even Jerry Rice.

It’s not just the position players setting these records. Even the kickers are getting a kick out of this.

Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri was already a legend when he made three Super Bowl game-winning field goals for the New England Patriots in the span of four seasons (2001-2004), but now that he’s on top of the record books with 2,576 points and 577 field goals, he added more to his Hall of Fame career.

The 2018 NFL season has been historic to this point. We should all be looking forward to an exciting playoffs!