Competitive NBA is back?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to say that the NBA we all know and love is actually back. The league is finally catching up to Golden State’s dominance.

Remember how back in the day, we always had fun predicting who was going to win? That was because so many superstars were on different teams.

For example, Tracy McGrady’s Rockets, Kobe Bryant’s Lakers, Paul Pierce’s Celtics, LeBron James’ Cavaliers, Tim Duncan’s Spurs, and Dwyane Wade’s Heat.

The NBA had a great mixture of highlights, upsets, unpredictability and entertainment. I like to call it the one-two-three-four punch. Check this out.

It’s extremely rare for an eight seed to defeat a one seed. From 2007 to 2012, there were three eight seeds that upset a number one seed.

Now fast forward to the 2018 season. That hasn’t happened since, and now the league is painted Golden State blue and gold.

In the past four seasons, the Warriors have scored the most points per game and have won three championships. (It could’ve been four in a row if the Cavs didn’t make a 3-1 comeback.)

On top of that, the Warriors have only been getting better on paper. Oh my goodness, when Boogie Cousins signed with the Warriors, I was instantly thinking “Is this the greatest starting lineup of all time?!”

After this, there’s no way that the league will ever be fair again, right? Think again.
Not only is the competitiveness back, but these air tight playoff races are so lit!

Listen to how crazy this sounds. The top 10 teams in the West fighting for eight playoff spots, a LeBron-led team possibly missing the playoffs and the Nuggets as a number one seed.

We don’t know what to expect and it’s so intense! The Eastern Conference is virtually in the same dilemma.

Now we knew the Cavs were going to suck, but not to the point where they’d have the worst record in the league.

I predicted the six teams that are guaranteed a playoff berth: the Raptors, Sixers, Celtics, Pacers, Bucks and Wizards. Uhh, we might have to scratch that last one.

However, I also figured it would be a dog fight for the last three spots, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Right now, there’s six teams fighting for those three spots, and this list sounds a bit comical: the Heat, Hornets, Wizards, Pistons, Magic and… the Nets!?

The Brooklyn Nets could make the playoffs!? Do you see how fun and unpredictable this league is getting?

See? Now you know what I mean when I say the NBA is finally getting exciting again. Rejoice my fellow basketball fans, rejoice!