Make the right choice

Students need to be accountable for food choices


Emma Murphy, Op-Ed Writer

When we go to the doctor, he/she asks us “have you been eating your fruits and veggies?” I typically lie to her and say “I sure have doc!”
The first step in preventing obesity and type two diabetes is having a more stable diet. This prevention starts with the practice of stable diets at a young age.
A well balanced meal is composed of many vegetables, fruits, proteins and carbohydrates. It is very important that each meal has all of these.
When I was in elementary school my mom would pack my lunch for me, she would put in a sandwich, fruits, veggies, salty snack and I would get to pick my dessert.
It’s easier to eat healthy when your mom is preparing your meals for you. But there comes a time in every child’s life when they need to become more accountable.
Since my mom stopped packing my lunch I have noticed I have been making many unhealthy decisions.
It’s hard for teenagers, especially myself, to find meals I want to eat that are good and nutritious. Whether or not you have the time to pack your lunch the school cafeteria should have more healthy options for students to lean on.
Healthy eating should start in our lunchroom. Our lunchroom has many healthy options I believe get overlooked in comparison to other foods. The first one that sticks out at me is the sandwich line.
From wraps to subs, the sandwich line is one of the most healthy options in the cafeteria and one of the most visited.
More great options are in the snack line, there are yogurt cups with berries and granola, protein shakes, salads and protein boxes.
According to Director of Dining Services, Shacana Watkins, the most popular lunch items in our cafeteria are: fries, chips, Clear Fruit Water, fresh baked cookies, deli sandwiches, burgers and pizza.
In January, 6,569 units of fries were bought by students at lunch as opposed to 578 units bought at the salad bar.
This clearly shows students aren’t making good food choices when given the opportunity to.
Since the beginning of the school year, I have noticed many new and healthy items added the lunch menu.
It’s time for students to take into account the foods they’re putting in their body and use the many resources H-F has for us.
Instead of going to get a slice of pizza and fries maybe next time you should try a salad and fruit cup.