Bad guy Dubai

Why do we support Dubai when the leader’s corrupt?

Bad guy Dubai

Camm Pollmacher, Op-Ed Editor

In Dec. of 2018, Princess Latifa of the United Arab Emirates went missing after her attempt to flee to India.

She planned her escape for several years due to mistreatment of her father, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is the Emirate of Dubai.

He was never elected, he basically had the power to take the spot so he took it for personal benefit.
In a video before Princess Latifa’s escape, she discusses how she doesn’t have any freedom what-so-ever.

She isn’t allowed to leave her home without strict supervision. Her father declared she is never allowed to leave the country along with continuous verbal and physical abuse.

This is the reason she had Russian spy Tiina Jauhiainen help plan her escape to try and get out of the United Arab Emirates.

If the leader of Dubai has caused so much hurt and abuse to his close family, why do American companies keep supporting Dubai in its promiscuous ways?

Companies like Nike, Apple and H&M opened some of their largest stores in Dubai without even thinking of where their tax dollars will be going to. All the revenue goes directly to Princess Latifa’s father, who is a blatantly corrupt leader.

Dubai is also riddled with child labor because of the high value of gold within the United Arab Emirates.
Many children work in unstable mines which could collapse sporadically.

Children use a mercury solution to burn it and leave behind the raw form.

This is completely disgusting.

Mercury can cause numerous neurological problems, especially in young children. This seems okay to Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum?

Having the children in his country forced to labor for no money is revolting.

His daughter, after she was captured back by her father, has failed to be seen since then. Some think she’s dead and some think he’s imprisoning her, but we all know that she’s not safe in his home.

If it were my company helping the profit of a ruler like this, I would without a doubt stop selling in Dubai. Even though Dubai is one of the largest money sources in the world, morals should come before money and greed.

You would think more popular companies would want to expand to places that treat their people with respect, not just based on the monetary value.