Teacher awards and recognition

Three HF teachers have been recognized for their great teaching

Lindsey Muse , News writer

Three H-F teachers have received high awards and recognition for their outstanding teaching performances. The three teachers that are being recognized are Catherine Ross-Cook, Cara Boss and  Robert Anderson.

The NSF Presidential Award is given to a science, math, engineering , technology or computer science teacher. It is the highest award given for these specific classes for outstanding teaching in the U.S. Science teacher Mr. Anderson is one of the many teachers that are nominated for this award.

Anderson has only been nominated and still must complete an arduous application process to continue. Which includes letters of recommendation , personal statements , references and video recorded lessons.

His final application is due on May 1st and the final awards will be presented in Washington, D.C.

“In the end, recognition and awards are nice but the only thing that matters to me is if I made an impact on students’ lives. The only thing I want to know is if my class made a difference after you left the bubble of H-F.” Anderson says.  

Crossing over to the health department, health teacher Cara Boss earned a national certification from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. This is the second teacher to earn this certification from H-F. The first teacher to receive this award is department chair for the math department Daniel McClain.

“I always wanted to be a teacher. I had amazing teachers that I felt really advocated for me in both middle school and high school. I knew right away that I wanted to be teacher i’ve never wanted to pursue anything else other than teaching.

Starting out in college Boss thought about being a social studies teacher, but quickly found out it wasn’t a great fit. From then on she decided to teach health classes and got certified in physical education.

When receiving this award it’s a process of demonstrating a series of projects, papers, tests and videos of lessons that show you’ve accomplished your goal of teaching and helping students not only ace tests but make sure they have an understanding of the material that is being taught. Boss said.

In the long run boss explains her love for teaching and being in the classroom helping students day in and day out.

“I’m a forever teacher I love the classroom this is my happy place. There is no better fit for me than in the classroom everyday face to face with students.”

English teacher Catherine Ross-Cook is a finalist for the Golden Apple award.  This award is given to a teacher in an Illinois high school that presents excellence in leadership in honor of Stanley C. Golder , who was an American Financier and Venture Capitalist.

To be picked for this award you need to be nominated by a student, colleague or someone close to the recipient.  A student and a person in the community nominated Cook for this award but they both chose to stay anonymous.

Teaching was cook’s first choice but not teaching in high school. She was studying to get her doctorate in teaching english at the college level. After talking to superintendent Dr. Von Mansfield she decided that teaching at the high school level would be more beneficial and impactful than teaching as a professor.

“I loved my high school english teacher and what she brought to the classroom. She was someone you wanted to be like,” Cook said.

In the classroom cook makes sure that her students are comfortable in the classroom. She also wants her students to know that she is here for them both as a teacher and a friend.

“I know that who I am as a women today is based on coaches, parents , church leaders and a lot of people who can pour into my life. My goal is to be the mother from a far I am gonna stand in the gap that you need.” Cook said.

The Golden Apple winners and finalist will be recognized at the 23rd Annual Excellence in Education Banquet on Friday, April 26 at Giovanni’s Restaurant and Convention Center.

These teachers have received awards and recognition congratulating them on their  accomplishments and hard work that they put into teaching. Receiving recommendations from other teachers as well as students who have been taught by them or know them on a personal level.