Nicotine, meet Juuls


Camm Pollmacher, Op-Ed Editor

This relatively new “toy” has become the fastest widespread smoking device of our generation.
It fits in your pocket, it’s easy to use, the Juul itself is cheap and accessible for teens. All are factors which combine for the worst epidemic of our age.

Juuls have become common in teen culture without any background on the item. Ads started out by saying they’re safe, but, lo and behold, they’re absolutely not.

Why kids are so apt to absorb harmful smoke into their lungs is beyond me, but when people say it’s safe…everyone hops on the bandwagon.

Juuls have the potential and leverage to become the new high-tech version of the cigarette. We’ve grown up with everyone around us saying that smoke is disgusting and all it does is give you cancer. This is exactly what Juuls have the possibility to do!

The Juul company has developed its brand for cigarette users.

They market it as a device for smokers to switch to so the individuals can slowly lower their nicotine intake and over time stop smoking altogether.

This is a great idea, and there’s actually a lot of evidence from that it’s helped several thousand people, but the cons definitely outweigh the pros in my opinion.

Juuls are becoming the new cigarettes and they’re not getting the same “ew” factor from our generation as we have with cigarettes.

They don’t have the same insane chemicals that cigarettes do, but they can contain heavy amounts of nicotine.

The ingredients in a Juul pod contain a mix of glycerol, propylene glycerol, benzoic acid and nicotine with added flavorings.

Not much is known on the effects of these chemicals, but data will be able to be shown within a few years.

Glycerol is a type of alcohol and can be used in several baked goods, shortening and ice cream to add a softening agent. But benzoic acid, which in small amounts can also be used in food, is the dangerous element in the mix.

It’s one of the main acids used for acne treatment products. It kills many forms of bacteria, which is another reason not to ‘hit your Juul’.

Our bodies are healthy as it is and the more we infect our them with foreign components the more our health deteriorates…it’s pretty self-explanatory.

We need to make it common knowledge that Juuls are made for smokers, not for bored teens looking for something to do.