Is it still okay to listen to Michael Jackson?

Let’s debate

Chloe Kapica , Feature Editor

Personally, I don’t think it is right to listen to the pop star’s music.

But I, miraculously, found myself in the mall over spring break and a popular Michael Jackson song came on over the speakers. I, then, struggled to stop myself from singing as I realized who it was really by.

I believe this is how everyone is going to feel throughout the rest of the year as MJ continues to randomly pop up on the radio.

We need to realize who MJ really was. We need to come to terms with the fact that Michael Jackson was a child molester.

He abused Wade Robson and James Safechuck for seven years, making both of the superfans feel like they were each special.

What MJ did to the children of those families was not okay and should always be remembered throughout history.

He used his role as a famous pop singer against the children and their families, thus manipulating them into doing whatever he wanted them too.

When a celebrity commits a crime, they should not be treated like a celebrity, but as the human being, they are.

They do not get special treatment for the extra special attention they bring.

An example of this type of behavior is with the popular singer R. Kelly, who was recently accused of forming a child cult, also brought to light in a documentary.

MJ and R. Kelly share similar cases because they each made the people they abused feel special. This kept them crawling back wanting to satisfy their abuser.

However, as I stated before, how can we resist listening to Michael Jackson’s top ten most popular songs?

The answer: You do.

You have to find it within yourself to break up with this musical sensation that wasn’t so sensational after all.