Seniors receive full tuition scholarships

According to the Washington Post, only 1.5 percent of students going into bachelor’s degree programs get enough scholarships and grant to cover the full cost of attending college.

Some seniors at H-F are a part of this small percentage of students who have received this accomplishment.

Madelyn Fitzgerald, who will be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is one of these students. Fitzgerald has received the Chick Evans caddie scholarship which covers tuition and housing for four years.

Fitz has been a caddie at the Idlewild Country Country club for three years.

“To receive the Chick Evans Scholarship, you must have an outstanding caddie record at your club, above average academics, strong character, and demonstrate financial need,” Fitzgerald said. “I have worked hard throughout high school to make myself competitive for scholarships, but it is still insane that I have one!”

Evans scholars go to one of 18 universities nationwide and live together for four years at their respective schools. Because of this, Fitzgerald said, they form strong bonds and “support each other socially and academically.”

While in college, Evans scholars are expected to maintain high academic standards; even after graduating recipients still have access to benefits.

“There is a wide range of Evans Alumni that are still invested in the scholarship and it’s message. They are very willing to give connections to the graduates or even internships and jobs,” Fitzgerald said.

Tiana Sharpe, who will be attending Trinity College, received the Posse scholarship. The scholarship is full tuition and there are over 50 colleges and universities that partner with the Posse Foundation.

Like the Evans scholarship, Posse scholars receive benefits from the scholarship after graduating from their respective institutions.

“[After graduating] you join the community of Posse alumni,” Sharpe said. “Being a Posse alum means I get first dibs at a lot of jobs and internships. I can also go to graduate school through Posse.”

Scholarships like the Evans and Posse scholarship are given by the organization, not the actual school the student is attending. However, full tuition and full ride scholarships are available directly from universities at various schools.

Ashley-Grace Dureke, who will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has received the The Chancellor’s and Powers-Knapp Scholarship, which is a full tuition scholarship. Only a few members of the incoming freshman class receive this scholarship.

In order to be considered for the scholarship applicants must be African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Southeast Asian, or socioeconomically disadvantaged.

“I got into the the college in November and learned that this scholarship was for people of color or have socioeconomic disadvantages, and I fit this criteria,” Dureke said.

Chancellor’s and Powers-Knapp Scholars meet regularly and complete community service, have mentorship opportunities, and receive many other benefits.

While getting a full tuition or full ride scholarship may seem nearly impossible, these students make obtaining these scholarships seem more realistic for students looking to afford going to college.