Last blast with the senior class

Senior activities aren’t satisfying everyone


There’s been a lot of controversy within the senior class this month with the recent switch in end-of-the-year activities. Personally, I didn’t like the switch in events.
Going to Odyssey Fun World, having the senior picnic and having the senior talent show has been a tradition since before my oldest sister graduated back in 2013.
I feel like it’s a violation of tradition and I don’t feel like the student government reached out enough to support the whole senior class.
I totally understand the lack of participation last year causing a need for change within the senior activities this year, but the student government could have done something like a poll to the seniors.
Shoot, the Voyager does it all the time to get information for stories.
I guess I just don’t like the way this whole thing went down because, obviously, the student government didn’t fully represent the senior class.
Senior Abigail Guerrero started a petition to try and get the regular activities back on track and got over 200 names on it on the first day.
Don’t get me wrong, the human hamster ball game should be fun and the raffle for college accessories is a decent substitute. But, the silent party thing is just not a hit for me.
Why would I come to school to listen to music in my headphones and dance when I could listen to music on my speakers at home?
I think that this part of the senior activities may have seemed like a cool idea in the head, but when put into action it’s going to fall through.
Also, changing the three-day events into a one-day event is convenient, but also sad in my opinion.
I was looking forward to having one last blast with the senior class, but I feel like that’s being very restricted now that it’s been changed to just be a few short hours.
I think that the way the senior activities used to be wasn’t that convenient, but was a really fun way of ending the era of our childhood…in perspective.
We have a whole summer to goof off and do whatever we want before our paths to our careers begin, but memories never fade away. the longer the senior activities, the larger memories we’ll have.
Project Graduation doesn’t feel so much like a project anymore. Projects are supposed to incorporate a group and I think this is what the student government lacks overall.
The student government this year represented what a small group of friends wanted to do for senior activities instead of the whole student body…and that’s very unfair to all the seniors looking forward to the long-standing traditions.