Our Final Farewell

Goodbye Seniors.

H-F was a wild ride and we are finally off of it.

After the rollercoaster ride of events that have occurred over the last year, I am thankful to be leaving this school and opening up a new chapter of my life.

However, there are some positive memories we have all made this year that have stuck with us and that we will keep forever.

But, for now, we are heading our separate ways to bigger and better things as we move on to college.

We are near the finish line and it is almost time to make our mark on the world.

Seniors, we are leaving behind our legacy and becoming freshmen once more to learn a vast amount of new things.

Just not yet.

We still need to deal with the pressures of finals one last time, even though it may just be one or two, it still looms over us, guarding our only exit.

Then, we need to turn in all our last-minute assignments that teachers just have to assign to try and raise our grades.

Don’t forget about the last- minute tests some teachers like to give just for the fun of it. Those… those are so stressful.

My point?

We can’t lose hope. Even though tomorrow is the last day, we can’t lose hope. Even when times get tough and all we want to do is climb in bed and take a midday nap. We have to persist.


Although high school is over, that doesn’t mean we should continue procrastinating as soon as college hits.

In college, we especially can’t lose hope because the work will be much

harder and we will want to give up, but we can’t.

We have to work twice as hard so we can earn that degree.

If we want to graduate not just high school, but college and receive that little slip of paper that is what we have been asking for our entire life, even when we didn’t know we wanted it, then we have to focus and keep going.

However, there were good parts and bad parts of H-F, but I hope to leave with all the positive memories we have made with the friends we have met over the course of the past four years.

On the first day, when we walked the endless halls all the way to our first day we entered as a senior, we can’t lose hope through the most stressful times.

We’ll take all of these memories and more with to college and further on.

The past four years has been a whirlwind and we are glad that this part of my life is coming to a close.