Don’t sleep on hockey!

We all know about what the NBA has to offer when it comes to playoff basketball, but I’m here to tell everybody that the NHL has a lot to offer.

I understand there aren’t as many hockey fans as there are basketball fans out there, but I’m telling you, postseason hockey has been exhilarating for the past four years.

The NHL playoffs has seen competitive action, bitter rivalries and clutch moments that have people thinking it might be up there with the NBA playoffs.

Bleacher Report writer April Weiner stated 20 reasons why the NHL’s postseason is better than the NBA’s, including the crazy hockey fans and overtime.

When you’re watching the NBA playoffs, you notice that fans are wearing the same shirts to show off their team’s colors. NHL fans do that and then some.

Hockey fans take everything to the next level. From firing authentic cannons in Columbus to smashing cars in Nashville, the NHL does things that the NBA doesn’t.

Meanwhile, in the NBA, you might see some pre-game on-the-court animations, but there’s no car smashing or insanely awesome playoff intros. It’s just starting lineups, national anthem and then tip-off.

The NHL is so competitive in the postseason, you don’t even know who’s going to win. The NBA and NHL get a lot of postseason hype because of interesting matchups, but the NHL actually delivers.

As of right now, there have been 20 overtime games in the NBA Playoffs since 2015. That’s nice, right? Well, the NHL has 80 overtime games during the postseason in that same span. It’s not even close!

The competition is off the charts. Look at how the Tampa Bay Lightning had such a great regular season with a league-high 62 wins, and then got swept by the Columbus Blue Jackets.

A number one seed hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since the Chicago Blackhawks in 2013, so you can’t bank on the best regular season team like you can with the Golden State Warriors.

The last time a team that wasn’t a one, two or three seed went to the NBA Finals was the sixth seeded Houston Rockets when they won it all in 1995.

Since 1994, there have been 20 NHL teams that weren’t one, two or three seeds and made it to the Stanley Cup Final. 20 of them! That could never happen in today’s NBA! (We’ll see about that one).

Oh, and the NBA hasn’t seen an eight seed in the Finals since the Knicks in 2000. The NHL had that happen three times from 2006-2017, and one of them, the 2012 LA Kings, won it all!

That’s really how competitive hockey is! You don’t know who’ll win and anything can happen.