“President” Trump makes a scene about Greenland


Nathan Sundell, Op Ed Writer


The last 4 years have been nothing short of a sitcom, and in this new episode, the writers go for the tired trope of making the absurd authority figure attempt to buy an entire country. This country is now officially a parody of itself. 

Many other countries view Americans as entitled children who think they can do whatever they want, and the leader of the country justifies that narrative by thinking he has the ability to purchase Greenland like just another luxury item to fuel his ego.

During the month of August, “President” Donald J Trump openly entertained the idea of the United States of America buying Greenland, which is territory of Denmark. This suddenly got more extreme with each passing day, causing actual conflict between the United States and Denmark, who brushed this idea from the president off as the absurd demands they are.

The motives that fuel this child like invasion quest are unsurprisingly quite greedy in nature. Greenland holds a surprising amount of rare earth minerals, and the age old lust of the american economy: oil.

Of course the promise of oil means America needs it under any circumstances, no matter how morally corrupt our methods may be. It is not enough to get copious amounts of oil from Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, and Nigeria. 

We have to invade countries like Iraq, Syria, Iran,Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, and many others to get this resource America overuses. Sometimes you have to wonder if the only reason Donald Trump did not invade Greenland for these resources is because of the complexion of their skin.

In the end this all should have been expected, but not taken seriously. Turns out the president can’t realize that. When the prime minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, declined the request and laughed it off, Trump got angry and repeatedly referred to the Prime Minister as a “nasty woman.” That’s not the end though.

Apparently elementary school insults weren’t enough to let Trump calm down, because he cancelled his meeting to France for the NATO convention because he was so upset by the fact that he couldn’t just purchase an entire country like one of his golf courses or casinos.

This is not the way a grown man should act, let alone arguably the most powerful person in the world at the moment. 

It is absurd that people can still defend a man who acts like a parody of an egotistical leader. I say we finally make a change and vote in someone who actually looks out for the American people instead of attempting to implement meaningless, yet expensive projects that only waste taxpayer money. For 2020, let’s vote in the modern day FDR. It’s about time for the American people to feel the Bern.