College Still Matters

Antwuan Sparks, Op-Ed Writer

College has been a necessity throughout the last few years. However, in today’s society there has been a rise of entrepreneurship which leads people to pursue a job that doesn’t require a college diploma.
People are made to believe this crazy narrative that college equals debt. In reality, it provides better opportunity. It helps with job opportunities and provides a unique experience that only some will experience in their lifetime.

Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur who criticizes the necessity of college. He says that you don’t need half of the stuff being taught. This is false. How is it not necessary if you choose the classes you are being taught, even though you choose the classes you are taking and paying for? A diploma makes life simple and lessens the difficulty. Tai Lopez claims it is so easy to do and anyone can do it.

Sadly only 20% of investments are successful, according to Being an investor isn’t as easy as Tai Lopez and other investors make it seem. He makes it seem like there are no benefits at all to college and constantly brings up debt.

While debt is high and is of concern it is worth it, in your future career, depending on what you do, you will eliminate that debt.
For example, doctors debt stacks up on average around $190,000, while a physician salary amounts to $120k-$286k. So for instance, with a doctor, their debt will be eliminated after your first two paychecks.

So while debt is a huge concern, it should be mentioned that if you follow your career through to the end you will eliminate that debt. You also have a good chance to get employed by someone for that job.

Forget about investing, say you jump straight into the workforce. Then you apply for a job as a waiter, truck driver, janitor, or even an Uber driver. Your job opportunities are limited with just a high school education. I know some will think being a truck driver or a janitor is sufficient but, do you want to do that all your life?

Plus, even if you didn’t do so well in school and think you can’t afford to get into a big university for a good education, you don’t even need those Ivy League or big universities to be successful. There are so many other colleges to choose from.

In-state colleges can provide just as much opportunity as the next. Smaller community colleges have cheaper options, like the University of New Mexico. The costs are around $14,539 if you live on campus.This College gives you a good education for a lower price than typical Universities.
While college is going to have negatives, the upside will weigh out the bad significantly. Every path you take in life there will be adversity.

College helps build that perseverance needed to get through adversity. It teaches you adversity firsthand. College is your key to success, not some dead end job or some get-rich-quick scheme. Debt is a minor problem, don’t let it kill your hopes and dreams.