Are gun laws strict enough?


Alex Barrera, Op- Ed writer

Requiring the student body to wear their lanyards throughout the day has caused major controversy between the students and faculty. The new rule was put into place in hopes to keep everyone- students and teachers- safe, but when does the safety fall out of the hands of administration and into the government?
With H-F being a public school, we are dependent on tax payers money and our curriculum is made by the public. Having said that, the government, who is in charge of public institutions like ours, should start being proactive rather than reactive in regards to the school shootings happening throughout our nation.
According to Edweek, in 2018 alone there were 24 school shootings resulting in 114 people either injured or killed from a gun inflicted wound. In these 24 school shootings there were 19,965 students put in danger from these attacks.
Being such a major nationwide issue these school administrations can only do so much to protect their students when the gun laws are so lenient.
According to CBS news, through 244 days in 2019, there have been 283 mass shootings in the US resulting in more than 1,600 victims.
That is averaging more than one shooting every day in the US, which shows the true significance of the issue at hand.
With the problem growing so large and worsening , the issue needs to be taken out of the hands of the school’s administration and into the hands of our government.
Our school has been doing everything they can in order to further protect us from any potential threats, but there will never be enough that can be done to protect students if nothing is done about the gun laws.
H-F began implementing new ways to protect their students, and although many students may disagree with those decisions, it is done with their best interest in mind. The IDs are not the only thing being done to create a safer environment, we have lock down drills multiple times a year to teach students and faculty the most effective way to handle a shooting while limiting the amount of damage that could be done.
It is time to make the gun laws in our country more restrictive because clearly what is being done is not enough.
Parents should not have to worry about their child’s safety when they go to school, and to think that some parents never got to see their children walk back through the door after school is sadly the reality for far too many.
Schools are never going to be able to prevent shootings when it is so easy for everyone to get their hands on a gun. It is time the government does something to stop these shootings and keep the children of our nation safe.
The time is now for change regarding the gun laws in our country and we cannot do this alone.
We, as a nation, need to come together to make a difference on this major issue we are facing.