Trumps Empire On The Fall

And once again we’re back to the infamous tv personality turned president, Donald J. Trump. It may not be shocking that he’s a big topic once again, but probably the most shocking point of interest is that we might soon not have to worry about the hysteria creating freak show for much longer, because many people have decided to put away the power hungry parody of a leader after his most recent illegal hijinx. 

Information was released about a phonecall Trump made to Ukraine on July 25th regarding the president trying to dig up info on the Biden family that could be considered illegal. While the casual follower of politics might not understand why that’s an impeachable offense, a good portion of people are already preparing for this immature man-child to get dropped from the class.

Basically, there is now evidence disclosed to the public that displays President Trump working with foreign governments to slander a political opponent of his. Many people will recall the 2016 election where a good amount of the attacks on Hillary Clinton were based around her emails, where one of the main points of interest was her supposedly working with other governments. This situation is not a new thing.

Some people have only looked at Trump’s wrongdoings within this whole fiasco, and often I can follow the same pattern. But many people, including myself, forget that the dirt they found on Biden, while not obtained ethically per se, was quite incriminating.

While I could’ve followed my base instinct to protect my own party and attack the other, I figured that I should try to be more intellectually honest. 

The honest truth is that Joe Biden is a sleazy corrupt neolib that is only concerned with protecting the status quo, and ensuring that the top one percent gets even more exclusive and bloated. Biden is as incompitent as Trump, and gets protected just as intensely as Trump, just by the center of the left wing, and news media outlets.

Joe Biden is considered electable by the mainstream news outlets and the boomers that consider themselves Democrats because they aren’t bigoted, which I don’t believe the bar for being a democrat should be that low.

Biden is in the pocket of big business, is mentally unfit for president, and now has some major evidence to corruption within his family.

The main question though was should Trump be impeached? I don’t know, but I know he shouldn’t get off scott-free for his collusion charges. I believe both Biden and Trump should be charged for their respective crimes. All I know is that if Biden and Trump are the two candidates for 2020, I’ll be voting third party.