The Drug That Is Tech


The world is evolving and over 37% of organizations have already implemented some form of Artificial Intelligence so far. There has been a 270% increase over the last four years. Is this honestly for the better? While some benefits are obvious like cheaper labor, better medicine and more precise data sets those benefits are more temporary than long term.
The negatives are more long term than they are short term, such as a lack of security, a lack of jobs and an advancement in corrupt warfare across other nations.
Facebook developer Mark Zuckerberg showed just how unreliable AI can truly be. In 2018, Facebook had a bit of a scandal with its users personal and private information.This bug affected over 6.8 million Facebook users, giving their personal info out against their consent.
The Facebook users info was used by third-party apps, and the bug that caused this incident gave those third-party apps permission to access personal photos. Perfect example of how unreliable AI can be at times. All these people had thousands of photos and messages given to these different companies.
Picture someone going through your family photo album that you don’t even know. Creepy doesn’t define how disturbing this is. It violates every right to privacy that you as a human should have.
Economically this new technology is supposed to provide job opportunity, those jobs are more short term than they are long term. Sharmistha Chatterjee a Senior Manager of Data Sciences at Public Sapients, predicts that 133 million new jobs will be created by the advancement in technology, but by 2022 75 million jobs will be taken or gone.
If we do the math that leaves 58 million jobs left for the population of 281,421,906- just in the US alone. As a society this “advancement” in society will have no longevity as far as job opportunity goes.
Imagine walking into the grocery store and instead of human clerks it is just robots and self-checkout machines. No more hospitality, no more genuine personality, and no more relationships being built.
Drone warfare back in 2011 was crazy. Barack, as great as he was, conducted some very volatile acts against the Pakistani civilians.
Sending drones to eliminate and stalk Pakistani civilians, over 155 civilians were killed by drone strikes. Now, the people controlling these drones aren’t actually there and they are treating this act as if it were a game of Call of Duty.
Killing and slaughtering “terrorist”. The inaccuracy of this type of warfare is just blood-curdling. The feeling of eyes on you at all times is one of the most terrifying experiences you can enforce on to someone.
Those so called terrorists were like us normal people living their daily lives going through the norms. Then, BOOM! One push of a button that family is gone. I know this took place during 2011, but that is even scarier because tech has only gotten better.
Society needs to remember that not everything needs to be advanced. It is like a high on a drug- the temporary happiness you are feeling won’t last then the pain russe (job loss, death and corruption) will comeback.