Students prep for Homecoming game, dance


Cara Deja, Photo Editor

Sophomore Jeremiah Lee says he will never forget his first dance.

“I remember being at a dance with a group of friends, and one of my friends started dancing and before I knew it, people were circling us. A short while later people started cheering us on,” Lee said. ”It was an unforgettable moment.”

More memories will be made Saturday during The Grecian Gardens-themed Homecoming dance. Unlike prom, this one is open to all students.

“It is different because each year there is a different theme and new people,” junior Ann Reilly said. “If you don’t go, you could end up missing an unforgettable moment.”

The Homecoming dance is $15, and takes place at the south gym. Students need a school ID to get in.

Junior Ebony Lennox regrets not attending Homecoming in the previous years.

“I’ve never been a really big dance person. I wish I could make up for the years I didn’t go to the dances,” she said.

She suggests going with friends and dancing.

“Going to Homecoming is the best choice you could make. Hang out with friends, make new ones and just dance the whole night away,” Lennox said.

English teacher Melissa Durkin is the senior class sponsor and says the dance is a low-stress event.

“Students should attend the Homecoming dance because it is such a fun event. The location is easy, the price is reasonable and all students are welcome,” Durkin said.

Senior Ryan Thomas has never been to a dance, but says he is excited to go this year.

“Even though I have never been to an H-F school dance, I believe this will be an unforgettable experience because I will be with my date and also my good friends. Life is about the memories you make and keep, so experience everything you can in high school,” Thomas said.

Junior Malina Wordlaw says there are some benefits to going to the dance in a group rather than with just one date.

“Going with someone to a dance can be so much pressure, and it will make you super nervous. You question yourself: whether or not you look perfect enough for your date or what they even think of you,” Wordlaw said.

Despite the low stress of the event, many freshmen do not attend. The Voyager interviewed nearly 30 freshmen and each said they did not plan to attend.

But for some freshmen attending Lee has some advice.

“Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Just have a good time an enjoy yourself,” Lee said. “Homecoming is a night you should definitely go to because it is something that people will be talking about.”

Homecoming is just another dance because it can be enjoyed by everyone.

“You’re in high school, and now it’s your time to go to dances and be the ones in the spotlight. Go and be you,” Wordlaw said. “Dances are all about spending time with friends, expressing yourself, making new friends, and busting a dance move. Go to the Homecoming dance and meet and make new friends you’ll end up keeping for life.”

Junior Annie Reilly predicts what she thinks will happen at Homecoming this year.

“I predict that I will make new friends from many different grades including freshmen,” Reilly said. “And just have a great overall time.”