Kicking cable to the curb

Disney began their career as a streaming service with a bang by signing ten million subscribers within the first 24 hours of launching.
In the past, the marketplace for streaming services has been dominated by Netflix, but that time is no longer.
Netflix is being put up against numerous competitors, which in our opinion is only digging a deeper grave for cable.
What was once a dominating force in the entertainment industry, cable is now nothing but a small fraction of what people use for viewing purposes.
It seems inevitable that cable will become obsolete due to streaming services already having so much to offer.
Streaming services give you the ability to watch anything at anytime which is something cable is unable to match. Cable companies provide a wide range of topics available to watch unlike many streaming services, but the amount of streaming services there are to choose from allow you to have access to all sorts of shows.
Some people may argue that On Demand is the way that cable is fighting back at the decreasing amount of subscribers, but even On Demand falls short to what streaming services have to offer.
On Demand allows you to watch movies and TV shows whenever you would like but you are still forced to pay yet another fee on top of your monthly subscription to your cable provider; whereas streaming services let you watch anything they have to offer with no additional fees.
Streaming services provide the opportunity to their subscribers to watch shows at their own leisure. Nowadays convenience is everything, and it doesn’t get any more convenient than having access to all your favorite shows anywhere you go.
People argue that sports are the reason that cable will never become obsolete, but we say that streaming services will adapt and create a way to stream sports live.
ESPN plus is already giving subscribers the opportunity to watch sports live. Although certain teams and leagues don’t have contracts with ESPN. Streaming companies will be forced to change in the future if they want to keep their viewers.
With the amount of people subscribing to cable services significantly declining in the past few years, and the amount of people paying for streaming services on the rise, these teams will realize that if they want more viewers they will have to change with the times.
There are so many competitors for cable nowadays they can no longer keep up with the competition. If cable wants to continue to bring in big numbers of viewers they will need to innovate.
The reason why streaming services have become so successful is because they noticed a way to improve the way people watch their shows and created a way to satisfy the need.
People want to do what is most convenient for them and streaming services allow for more options of ways to watch.
So if cable companies don’t change people will continue to switch over from cable to streaming services.
Streaming services are the way of the future and it is only a matter of time before cable begins to die out.