Debate team qualifies for national tournament

Two students qualify for NCFL Grand National Tournament



On Saturday Nov.16th the debate team went to a tournament in Sanburg. Junior Evelyn Middleton and sophomore Hailey Lunceford qualified to the NCFL Grand National Tournament. They will be going to represent H-F in Chicago this May.

The debate team has done great things this school year, like placing in all their tournaments. The team has put their best foot forward this school year.

“I placed fifth with a three-two win-loss and my speaker points were all above twenty-eight,” Evelyn said.

Evelyn had been on the team since her freshman year, placing well at many tournaments throughout her time with the team.

“I almost broke at varsity state as a Sophomore, and I placed at the H-F tournament the past two years”, Evelyn said.

The debate team has been doing well this year with not only Hailey and Evelyn doing well like junior Alexandria Porter is an alternate debtor for the national tournament.

“She is one of the top debaters at almost every tournament that she competes at,” said speech coach Kathryn Cole

The team had a great start to their year; holding a season opener on Sept. 28th with 105 other teams bringing many awards with them. Hailey bringing a lot of first- place awards.

The other H-F qualifier Evelyn Middleton has been a big part of the debate team. “Last year I did it I placed in 9th”said Evelyn. “So I would be considered a substitute and this year I got 5th,”.

Both qualifiers have grown since their first year of being in debate. Evelyn did a lot more practice and Hailey becoming more confident.

“Last year it was kinda just me going and hoping that I got lucky and won,” Hailey said. “There is  a piece of me inside my debate but it’s still professional,”.

Other debtors to notice are sophomore Asia Bing and Peyton Jackson, and Diego Rosales all placing high in tournaments. 

“They’re definitely running faster than any other team we’ve had in the previous years,” said Cole. “This year we have a really good team.

Evelyn and Hailey will continue to practice and do tournaments leading up to the big one in May and; the debate team as a whole will continue to put their best foot forward.