Coach named ‘Volleyball Coach of the Year’


Anthony Kruse, head varsity volleyball coach, was named “Volleyball Coach of the Year” by the Daily Southtown.
The Daily Southtown acknowledged Kruse for leading his team to break records, lifting the program out of a drought and bringing a certain attitude that makes the environment in the gym so great.
The team had an explosive season: first regional championship since 2002, first conference championship since 2008 and first 30-win season.
In Kruse’s resume, he has won 255 games and now is the first coach to be named coach of the year by the Daily Southtown.
“ It is definitely a nice honor to receive this award,” Kruse said. “I think the best part is that it shows what a great team we were this year and people are starting to take H-F volleyball seriously.”
Kruse began coaching the volleyball team in 2005 when he was hired to work at H-F.
Prior to the 2019 season he had plenty of success in the past. In 2008, he lead the Vikings to a 27-12 record and won a conference title.
After his 2014 season, Kruse left coaching to concentrate on teaching and raising a family. He then decided to make his come back in 2018 when the coaching position opened up.
The volleyball program was in a drought at the time, and Kruse lifted them out real quick when he made is come back to the volleyball scene.
Kruse come back is one that his athletes look forward to and the athletes truly believed they have benefited from.
“He came back in a time when we really needed someone to step up and help us,” volleyball player Skylar Hayes said. “We struggled a little as freshman and sophomores and he stepped in and helped us improve our attitude and our strength to win and break these records.”
He is not only admired by his athletes, but also by the other coaching staff, specifically his assistant coach.
“He led this team to do something no other H-F team has ever done, breaking a lot of records along the way,” assistant volleyball coach Mark Cieselski said. “He’ll say it’s all the players, but give him credit- it’s his leadership that got us there.”
It’s apparent that coaches and athletes around Kruse believe this was a well deserved award. Kruse saw this award in a different light.
“I think it shows that people are noticing H-F volleyball. Respect is huge in sports and when you can gain the respect of other programs it puts you on the same playing field,” Kruse said.
Everyone in the girls volleyball program are proud of Kruse and everything they accomplished this season.
Due to hard work and excellent leadership this H-F Volleyball team will forever be in the history books. Congratulations to Kruse and all of the athletes.
“I have always told my teams to just do your job and control what you can control. If you do those things awards, rankings and accolades will come,” Kruse said. “I couldn’t be prouder of the team this year. This is a team I will always remember.”