Christmas grows old with you

Erica Bjorklund, Op-Ed writer

Waking up on Christmas morning is something all kids love, but as people get older they look forward to it less and less. Every year around Christmas time I would have a whole list prepared for my parents by the end of November, and for the entire month of December all I could think about was Christmas. 

Now, being a senior in highschool, I don’t look forward to Christmas the way I used to. All I can think about now is finals, homework, and work. I don’t even have the time to sit down and come up with a list of things I want for Christmas. 

As you grow up, holidays don’t have the same value as they used to. Five years ago if someone were to ask me what I wanted I would say clothes and shoes, now I would ask for a car wash. Christmas doesn’t hold the same excitement once you get passed the age of 14. Once you’re in highschool Christmas is the last thing on your mind. 

When you get older and actually start having some responsibilities you realize that holidays are stress free and they also aren’t the most important thing in the world. My main concern is doing well on finals and maintaining good grades, even though Christmas is less than two weeks away. 

Becoming a young adult really opens your eyes and shows you that Christmas and all holidays aren’t just about the presents and the benefits that come with them, they’re about family and having a good time. But as a child, the only aspect you care about is the presents. 

Its okay to love Christmas and to be excited about it, but as you get older holidays just start to mean less due to all the stress that come with them. 

When you get to a certain age you’re kind of expected to start buying gifts for people. Having to get presents just adds more stress. Going shopping for myself is already hard enough, going shopping for others feels like mission impossible. 

Its always nice to see people like the gifts you buy them but the process to getting those gifts is always difficult. 

Christmas as a child is something all kids look forward to, but Christmas as an adult is almost dreadful. There of course are some ways to make Christmas less stressful, but I think we can all agree that the magic of Christmas that we feel as a child dwindles away as we grow up.