Is the dress code out of style?

Going back to school everyone wants the perfect outfit, but with a restricting school dress code, we can’t express our styles in the way we want. Because of the tradition of having a dress code, students have begun to accept that they can’t always wear exactly what they like. Just because we are use to having a dress code does not mean we have to continue this complicated tradition. 

Not all students feel like they have personally been affected by the dress code. Granted, some people, especially women, are more targeted for being dress coded than others. But because not everyone is affected, the dress code shouldn’t just be removed as a whole. 

Junior Adam Freeman has never personally felt restricted by the dress code, but he has definitely seen some other students being dress coded. “Personally, I feel like I’m not restricted because i’m a guy, for guys you can do a lot more. But I think a lot of the girls at our school are restricted,” said Freeman. 

Students have felt held back for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that has to continue. The dress code shouldn’t be taken away altogether because obviously, that would be taken advantage of. 

“I definitely think people would try to show off more and I think there would be some people that over do It when It comes to fashion. That would just put getting the dress code back at risk,” said Freeman. 

The dress code has been around forever, everyone knows they should follow this code, but not all do. If the dress code were to be modified and more modernized, there would certainly be less drama around It. 

“If they were to make changes to the dress code, I would be more than happy to follow it, I already do follow it. But the times where it’s hot out and I want to wear shorts, I can’t go throughout the day without being pulled aside,” said Pravdic. 

Because the dress code is something that everyone has grown up following, It shouldn’t be wiped away completely. Senior Mia Pravdic says, “It’s controversial because it’s already ingrained into people at this point , and It definitely discriminates against females which is something that needs to be addressed.” 

The idea that dress code is more strict towards women has been around since the beginning of the tradition. It’s no surprise that women are more prone to being dress coded than men are. That is apart of the dress code tradition that should modified before anything else. 

Lots of students would be perfectly fine with the dress code if there were just a few simple changes made. “Address the language and the double standard. Also, make sure men receive the same pestering women do,” said Pravdic.