It 2 Review


Nandi Smith, feature writer

Welcome back losers! The long-awaited It chapter two came out September 6th and Pennywise has more wild antics than ever before. 

This pre spooky season movie follows the adult version of the losers from the original Stephen King novel turned into a movie as they all come back to the small town Derry where they first met the centuries-old clown Pennywise. 

Following Its return after his 27- year rest the only member of the Losers Club to stay in Derry Mike Hanlon calls the members. His hope is that they’ll all return to their old stomping grounds since 27 years ago they took the oath that “ If IT ever returned they would too to kill him”. The group returns to the murder plagued town to finish the job and are brought back into their preteen selves to deal with the past they left behind.

The week leading into seeing It two, I was beyond anxious for the fear that I thought I was bound to experience in the movie theatre that Friday. The movie, however,  was less of the gruesome horror movie I was expecting, and more of the quirky scary movie that someone like myself would need. 

The movie’s main scary factor “Pennywise the dancing clown” brings fear to the screen certainly but his grotesque looks and unexpected schemes are diluted not only by his repetitive nature of scare tactics throughout the film, but also the dark humor used by pennywise himself and the rest of the cast. 

The movie overall earns a solid B as a horror movie. It’s on the lower end of scary movies since it lacked any real spine chilling action. However, it does justice to the classic It movies, is very well cast, and is very entertaining despite some slow scenes in the movie.

I would definitely recommend it to movie watchers who want to get into scary movies but have a low scare tolerance. Along with those with an odd cynical sarcastic sense of humor. Pennywise awaits!