Anything for Love

Netflix original series “You” captivates fans again in season two


Faith Lee, Feature Editor

Hello… you. You’re back for season two. Out of all the shows on Netflix, you chose this one. But what was it that intrigued you? Was it the psychotic yet charming Joe? Whatever it was, you obliged and joined him again to find love in the City of Angels.

Netflix released its second season of the hit show “You” on December 26. After being renewed again for a second season after only two episodes in the first season, fans waited a long year before seeing where psychotic bookstore manager Joe Goldberg would strike next.

After a love escapade with aspiring writer, Guinevere Beck and the heinous murders of those who interfered with their love in season one, Joe, better known as Will Bettelheim this season, moves to L.A to embark on his journey of becoming a better man.

With 10 intense episodes, season two catches audiences yet again.

In this season, Joe works on trying to change his murderous, narcissistic tendencies and better himself while running from his ex girlfriend, Candace Stone whom he thought he killed. Joe gives romance one more go after meeting the irresistible Love Quinn.

He must fight to keep his relationship with Love happy and healthy through the season and discovers the price of loving Love. All is well in paradise, but Joe is in for a dark twist as their romance deepens and Love shares a shocking revelation in the last episode of the season.

The writers of the show are genius. The intricate way they piece this season together is gold. I thoroughly enjoyed the second season more than the first. The plot was built out more and the characters were well developed. It was interesting to see Joe evolve as a character and interact with new people. They easily set up the next season. Every episode left me wondering and wanting more.

All of the characters fit seamlessly in the plot. Every character was needed from quirky Forty to sassy Ellie. I liked that the acting was not corny and all of the actors really brought their characters to life.

The creators also did an excellent job with Victoria Pedretti’s character, Love Quinn. Love’s ironic loving and caring nature made it all the more shocking in the final episode when she revealed her true self.

I don’t think I’ve ever been drawn to a serial killer before watching this show. I must accredit this to the talented acting of Penn Badgley. Badgley intertwines a witty, weird side that is interesting and still finds a way to make Joe seem like a regular, charming human.

The realness of Joe is what compelled me to binge every episode. His narration has to be one of my favorite aspects of the show. It gives the audience a chance to connect with him and understand his psyche. It almost allows us to empathize with Joe because we all have some of him in us. In a lot of ways we are just like him minus the serial killer bit.

We all want to love or find love that we never have and sometimes we have a distorted idea of a perfect relationship, but we keep pursuing love. Sometimes, like Joe, we’ll do anything for love.

I think the reason the show has made such a big splash because it’s not a traditional love story. The show overall subliminally addresses topics in our society such as the dangers of social media. In this age, it is so normal to essentially, stalk someone you don’t even know with the click of a button.

I would totally recommend this show to anyone even if you don’t enjoy romance series. It’s better than the average romance show because it incorperates romance, drama, murder, and excitement all in one. It was a different type of show for me, but I’m glad a watched outside of my comfort zone. I loved watching every minute of “You”.

I look forward to watching the third season and I can’t wait to see where love takes Joe next. If you begin the series, binge at your own risk.