Music strikes the key


Wherever you go, no matter what state or country, you always hear some sort of music playing. Music can be something as simple as a jingle from a commercial to live music being played by regular people. People listen to music on an everyday basis, and that is why it’s the best thing ever created.
According to Insideradio, “Regardless of age, radio consistently accounts for between 14 to 17 percent of daily media use.”
Let’s start with the fact that music has created careers for many people. The obvious thing is to address the musicians making money from streaming services, but that isn’t the focus here. The jingles that play on the radio and all around you are a good start.
The advertisements are seen by millions of people throughout an entire day and create revenue for the businesses that created it.
On Youtube, the standard revenue system is used to give funding to the company that makes these commercials the revenue. If the jingle is catchy, it will get stuck in their head and keep singing it. Once singing it they will get it stuck in other people’s heads and they will look it up and that creates more revenue.
The musician has likely negotiated a deal with the brand to receive a certain percentage of the profit for creating the jingle, which again provides profit to small musicians who are getting their starting breaks.
Music not only helps people profit from creation, it can also change the mood of another person completely. If you hear the right song at the right time, you will dance like you don’t care that anyone is around. On the flip side, you can also have that song that will throw you in your feelings for the rest of the day.
Music can also improve how you interact with other people. Social settings with music enable people to engage in more meaningful conversations with others. Take Starbucks for example, there is an entire playlist that they play in their coffee shop entitled “Starbucks Coffee Playlist.”
According to Nature, “Music triggers engagement in social functions, hence musical activity is directly related to the fulfillment of basic human needs, such as communication, cooperation and social attachment.”
Teens are mainly the culprit of the daily use of music. The music is used at parties often, all the time in their cars, or when they are just hanging out by themselves in their room. I listen to music wherever I go. I cannot live without music.
According to the West Virginia Education Association, “American teenagers spend an “astounding” nine hours a day with digital technology, entertaining themselves with streaming video, listening to music and playing games.”
Music is essential to the average person whether they know it or not. Music is used to build up suspense in movies, commercials on television and even used to make careers for people to survive off of. Sports introductions even use music. Music is the best, due to the simple fact that every single person listens to music at least once every day. There’s no way I can be convinced otherwise.