Curiosity saved the cat

Why curiosity is so important

Curiosity killed the cat. This statement portrays the cat as being nosy or probing, when in actuality the cat is searching for knowledge. What killed the cat was ignorance, as the cat wasn’t observant of what came with that knowledge. Curiosity is literally the definition of learning.
Sadly, curiosity is the most overlooked aspect of learning, without curiosity we as a society wouldn’t seek out more information. Some of the greatest inventions ever created were created because of curiosity.
For instance, The Wright Brothers were curious about aeronautics and began to study it in the 1900s. The Wright Brothers then began to study aerodynamics and structures. Through that curiosity they created the ultimate transportation in modern day life, which was the first airplane.
This is the truest form of curiosity, they knew the risks that came with their new-found knowledge. They still pursued information about the sky and continued their dangerous experiments. Through the many failures encountered, they powered through and still strived for their ultimate goal of knowledge.
The best part about curiosity is that there is no limit, The Wright Brothers continued to allow new-found knowledge in and expanded their ideas on flying in the air. See, people lose that curiosity that prevailed to the current point of enlightenment that they are at, it is important to keep seeking knowledge no matter the subject.
“The pursuit of knowledge is more valuable than its possession”- Albert Einstein
People tend to feel content with the amount of knowledge they have attained in life, then cease to search for more knowledge. That is the simple-minded thinking that plagues our society today, us as humans should always look for more information. Some of the greatest manufactures ever keep striving for new knowledge.
A more recent example of this is BMW and Daimler’s new self-driving car. BMW, an already successful company, kept pursuing greatness and ended up creating one of the greatest inventions of the last century. This is evolution right before our eyes because of curiosity.
“Combining the key expertise of our two companies will boost our innovative strength and speed up the spread of this technology,” said Klaus Froehlich, BMW’s head of development.
One trait to separate from greed is selfishness, you aren’t selfish for giving your absolute hardest to achieve newfound knowledge. You become selfish when you don’t share this gift you have earned
That is what knowledge does. It brings the curiosity out of people and leaves them wanting to know and learn more. Curiosity is the biggest blessing when it comes to seeking information and ignorance is the biggest cancer of learning
Ignorance tends to be overlooked. Ignorance is when you begin to neglect outside info being brought to you. At that point you have not only limited your own knowledge, you have killed the most important piece of learning which is curiosity.vvvvb vb