New years resolutions are overrated

Every year tons of people make New Year’s resolutions, but how many of those tons actually follow through with their resolutions? New year’s resolutions are just an excuse for putting off something people want to do with their lives, and they’re honestly overrated.

Some of the most common resolutions out there are going to the gym and eating healthy, staying on top of anything school related, and even organization. Changing your diet and going to the gym is something that can be done very quickly. Waiting until New Years isn’t a valid excuse when putting these goals off to the side.

People should already have goals set for themselves on a daily basis. Simple little goals that one tries to achieve everyday are healthy and can make us grow as people. Goals shouldn’t be something that’s pushed off, they should be things you work for not things you wait months to do.

Waiting for a long time to finally achieve a goal will only make excitement towards that goal fizz out, it’ll end up seeming more like a chore than a goal that could improve your life. Everyone always mark their calendars with their goals written down under January 1st, but with it being so far away, those goals may end up being forgotten or one may just move on from their goals.

If one day you sit down and decide you wanna start waking up earlier to have more time to do things, then why not start the next day? If you want to start doing something new stop waiting months to do it, you are wasting your time. The good thing about a goal is that it isn’t something someone is forced to achieve, and you can decide how long you want to pursue the goal.

Also, once someone has a full list of resolutions, they may feel limited to just achieving those goals, and they may even feel overwhelmed by adding any more. Waking up on January first with twenty new goals is just going to feel like way too much. Set or even start one new goal every other day instead of starting a lot in just one day.

Every resolution I have ever personally set for myself I never fully follow through with it. I would start the month of January with my new resolutions, and after about two weeks, I’d be over it. Now, when I want to start doing something, I do it. No more waiting for however far away January may be.

Like myself, many other people also ditch their New Year’s resolutions. So what is the point of writing a whole list of goals that most people aren’t going to achieve? There is no point. It’s just a tradition that has been carried on and it’s starting to mean less and less to lots of people. At the end of the day, it’s the goal that matters, not how long it may take. If you know you have a goal that isn’t going to be achieved in a week, be prepared and be dedicated to take it on head first, don’t wait a couple months.

Setting goals should be something people want to do all year round, they shouldn’t feel limited to doing it when everyone else says they’re going to. It shouldn’t be just one time of the year that people decide to make healthy changes in their lives.

The whole “New year, new me” has gotten old over the years and is so overrated. Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean someone is going to change their life. For most, New Year’s resolutions are just a lousy excuse for not achieving goals. If you want to change up your routine or little aspects of your life, go out and do it. Don’t wait till the next New year.