Watch out for Joe

Isaiah Adeleke, Sports Writer

Spoiler alert! You is the hottest show on Netflix right now and everyone has been talking about the show since season two was released on Dec. 26. 

In season one, Joe finds a love interest in Guinevere Beck at a bookstore. He had an obsession with her and started using social media and technology to track her and remove obstacles from their relationship such as killing multiple people for her like her boyfriend and best friends.

The season ends with Guinevere writing a book about what she had to go through with Joe and planned to release it to the police and get Joe arrested. Once Joe knows this, He kills her.

In season two Joe starts the season off with stealing man’s identity, murdering a Russian man, sending someone off to the Philippines after locking him in a cage pretty early in the season. 

So even with Joe killing six people, stalking three girls, framing an innocent man and sending him to jail for crimes he did not commit, people still love Joe. Why is everyone rooting for this obvious villain? There are so many reasons not to like this serial killer.

The answer is that Joe is a hopeless romantic. You start to feel for him because he just wants to be loved like everyone else in the world. 

With all this you might overlook all the murders he does, and how he manipulates people because it is in the name of love.

Joe Goldberg is a psychotic murderer, who murder his ex-girlfriend’s two closest friends and herself when things hit the fan yet people still pity him. 

Kids are also a big reason why Joe is such a likeable character. The writers of the show put Paco and Ellie in the show on purpose. Two neighborhood kids that Joe looks out for.

For example, you can not go wrong with having a character who takes care of kids, it makes them a bit more likeable no matter what they did and the writers of “You” knew that.

Also another reason why we don’t hate Joe even though we should is because we feel bad for him. In season two they introduce us to his abusive step-dad and they show the horrors of what Joe went through as a kid.

His mom who tells him they will run away but never do, his step-dad scaring him and talking to him like it is nothing just makes you pity Joe.

Even though Joe murders people for no reason, some of the murders he committed were because they needed to happen.

When he murders Henderson because he is a serial rapist and was going to rape an underage girl, it needed to happen and when Joe murdered him, we felt as if Joe was hero. We think of Joe as a hero again when he murders Paco’s abusive step-dad.

You want to root for Joe because if something bad happens to happen, Paco has no one to look up to, Joe does not get the love of his life, Delilah loses a friend, so you end sympathizing for his actions and rationalizing his actions. 

Joe is willing to do anything for love and also killed some other people who were abusers or serial rapists to make him even more likable. People want someone like Joe who will do anything for their love (maybe besides the murders) and that’s the reason we all love Joe.