Trump is finally doing something right


antwuan sparks

Nobody likes Donald Trump and I can see why. The man can’t even handle his own Twitter account. Trump had our government shut down over a wall.
All this may be true but he was the best candidate back in 2016. Now, you can maybe argue, Bernie or Ted Cruz, but Hillary Clinton was the worst potential candidate.
Donald Trump is only hated by so many because of the media and what they report about him. Donald Trump, from an economic standpoint, is the greatest President to grace the oval office.
I understand Trump isn’t that good with foreign affairs or immigration policy as he has handled himself and represented this country in some very questionable ways.
However, what he is doing in our country is great, especially from a financial standpoint and the media doesn’t want to cover it based on their past experiences with Trump.
Trump isn’t that bad, he is labeled as a racist which is false. I have come to the conclusion that this stems from his immigration policies and his comments on this subject.
When Trump got into office immigration was a problem, and he lessened it by 20 percent in 2016 and it has steadily dropped throughout these last few years.
Trump also has been made out to dislike the black community, another narrative created by the media and the President’s ignorant attitude.
This doesn’t mean Trump doesn’t like black people, in fact, he is providing for black people better than some of our past presidents.
The black unemployment rate is at an all-time low at 5.5 percent.
The first step is to help by getting non-violent offenders out of jail through good behavior. Also, the first 1,000 of those inmates who were released and put through this were black.
Lastly, Trump has been labeled as “Toxic” and “Desperate” when it comes to representing the American people. Are we, as people, negligent to all the good Donald Trump has done for our economy? The man is a financial genius.
Since Trump’s presidency, the GDP is growing at a whopping percent-plus rate, and the unemployment rate is at a 50 year low.
Trump may not be the best person to run his own Twitter account, but when it comes to running our economy I trust him.
The economy is thriving because of this man, but instead, he gets thrashed by the media and it gets no positive exposure due to bias stemming from petty comments he’s made about said new sources.
You can not say Trump is a “racist”, or “close-minded.” Trump is a man who has boosted the economy significantly, helped the black community (more than the former black president), and has slowed down immigration. I call Trump a renegade. He is different but productive and I respect that about him.