Should public transit be free?

Karina Duncan, Feature Co-Editor

Getting on a bus, you use your city bus card but you wonder, “What would happen if public transportation was free to the public?” This question has been up in the air for years but what’s the alternative and will this be happening anytime soon?
People that are from low income communities are usually the ones using public transportation, with not having enough money to buy another source of transportation. The fact in this argument is that we as a community need to start thinking about the future and how we can reduce greenhouse gases. With the idea of public transportation in the mix, we need to include the positives and negatives of it.
If public transportation was free I feel that people would use the alternative to public transit than using their own car. If there was a way to get somewhere without having to pay, a lot of people would be up for that.
“Around 100 cities in the world offer free public transit, the majority of them in Europe, Poland, and France,” according to The New York Times. Knowing that this has worked in other places in the world, but will it work here?
This would be a big thing for people in poor income communities, not having to worry about money and getting from place to place. Helping people who need transportation and saving energy at the same time.
With that being said, not having people pay for the service would be a huge thing, but there would be a lot to consider of what would change if the transportation was free.
There are a lot of problems that would occur if there was free public transportation. That if there was free transportation the companies might not provide the best service because they are not being paid for the service.
That even if the public transportation is free for you to use, someone is going to end up paying for this in some way. I really would want public transportation to be good for poor income communities, but I just feel that it wouldn’t work out in the end.
Right now the way the companies are set up, I feel that making public transportation would just make the service worse for everyone involved. Nothing would be kept up the way it was when it wasn’t free, I feel that everything would just change back after everything was in a horrible mess.
I feel that the transportation would not be kept up for the lack of the service not being paid for, and for right now the public transportation I’ve been on is still not being well kept and this wouldn’t change if it is free.
It would be great to have public transportation free, but just the effects that come with it wouldn’t be worth the hassle. This would just be a loss to the companies and the community with how much of a hassle it would cause. I feel that public transportation should not be free with all the problems it would come with.