Mock Trial’s successful steps to state

The Mock Trial team prepping for state


Jamilah Lewis, News Writer

        The Mock Trial team has been on a roll with wins with them bringing home a 1st Place Trophy in the Sixth District South Suburban Invitational last month. Now they will be preparing for State.


                        This is the second year in a row that the Mock Trial team has won this competition. This qualified them for state which they’re getting prepared for.


       Mock Trial is a competitive activity that merges the arts of public speaking, debating, and acting. The program helps the members get a further understanding of the law, court procedures, civil liberties, and our legal system.


               Club coach and social science teacher Libby Day is preparing the team for state. In preparation, they ‘ve competed in about 10 invitationals in order to prepare.  The Mock Trial team has 9 strong members that all have different qualities that cater to the team.


        “Co-captain John Russell and senior Nathan Martinez really excel at delivering opening statements and closing arguments,” Day said. “Seniors Nala King and Isaac Latman have a great command of the Federal Rules of Evidence and make very strong objections.”


   Senior Nala King is one of the members that feels like they’re fully prepared for state.


    “I joined Mock Trial at the beginning of the season,”  King said. “I got started because the two team captains plus Ms.Day reached out to me.”


         Once Nala and everyone are at the meeting, they go over the agenda items and break off into fragments. Then someone will be running their direct examination of one of the witnesses in front of everyone while the rest of the members yell objections at them.


        To further their practice for state, they take quiz games and more practice with their witnesses. 

Another senior Alice Abegunde is one of the most active members of the team. She’s never missed a practice or tournament and is one of the most consistent team members


          “I do feel prepared for state” Abegunde said. “I’m pretty confident with my skills and my witness. I feel like we’ve built a great relationship so I feel like we’re going to do well.”

The club accommodates her future in going into criminal justice and the goal of becoming a Homicide Detective.


Another member to note is Team co-captain Isaac Latman who won an individual award for Most Outstanding Witness


“Everyone should join,” King said. “There are all types of skills that you learn here and there’s a place for everyone.”


Due to Covid 19 the competition has been canceled. But the team was ready for the competition and will continue to keep mock trial with them.