Is Reddit the GOAT?

Isaiah Adeleke, Opinion Editor

Does Reddit have illegal services? Can everyone find something they like on Reddit? Am I on Reddit too much? Is Reddit the best website created?

The answer to all of these questions is yes.

Reddit is a website where people post whatever they want and other members like or dislike the post and have discussions about it.

Reddit has subreddits, which are communities that members join if they like a specific topic. For example, a basketball fan would probably join the subreddit “r/basketball”. 

Reddit is the best site ever because they have a subreddit for everyone, weirdos who are vegan and don’t enjoy good food can join “r/vegan” and learn more vegan recipes.

There is literally a subreddit for everyone, thieves can join “r/IllegalProLifeTips”, that I may or may not have spent time scrolling through. Interested in boring topics like presidential candidates, just “r/politics”. Like I said, there is something for everyone on this site.

Reddit is also very underrated when it comes to saving their users money. That Wilder and Fury fight last month cost $80, with joining subreddit “r/boxingstreams” it cost a whopping zero dollars. They have this type of subreddit for all sports and is the number one reason I do not need cable anymore.

Not only can sports fans utilize reddit teachers can too, I spent time in “r/teachers” and was mortified, I saw them giving each other tips like how to ruin our lives like giving tests on Friday. I was disgusted.

 Reddit also can entertain you. My favorite comedic subreddit is “r/dadjokes”. 

What did the blackboard say to the eraser when they broke up?

 Can’t we just chalk it out?

No? Ok I’ll stop, sorry.

Interested in movies? Never fear because there is a subreddit for it. In r/movies¨ people discuss the best movies of all time, new releases and reviews if you want to watch the video.

You think your aunt is bad? Read some stories on ¨r/choosingbeggars¨ or ¨r/entitledparents¨ and your aunt that you despise will look like the second coming of Oprah.

However, Reddit is not only used for entertainment purposes.

Ever accidently put sugar in a gas tank? No, just me? Anyways, on the subreddit “r/fixit” users upload images of broken items and other users help them out on how to fix their items. 

All in all reddit is the best site created because they have something for everyone and you can’t find anything you don’t like.

One more dad joke? Ok, what do you call a cold dog?