The Jim Crow Gladiators


The past few months have been ridiculous from the NBA setting up a bubble to help basketball continue all while Black Lives Matter is spreading throughout America like a wildfire. Also, these past few months we have seen some very drastic measures being taken by both protestors and police.

Many states have been bringing in the National Guard to help combat protestors and boy have we reached an all-time low in America. What happened to the First Amendment? We as Americans have the right to speak our peace and do so through protests.

When the so-called “Founding Fathers” came to this land and established these rules they were meant for all people and applied to all citizens. So now we fast-forward to the present day and you have these rights being neglected. Even crazier is the fact the message being spread through these protests is equality.

These protests are all out of spite due to the police treating African-Americans differently based on our skin and appearance. Not to mention the killings of Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. How else did you expect us to react to these injustices?

The riots in Minnesota were horrible I realize they were doing it for justice, but they ultimately destroyed a lot of businesses. While the destruction that was shown on TV was bad we need to keep in mind what all this for though. Since the businesses have insurance they just collect insurance money off of the burned down property. Meanwhile, the people who were employed at these jobs lose their jobs and now have to search for more work.

Despite that, the peaceful protests in no way are affecting the city negatively all they are doing is peacefully striving for change and is that so wrong? Is it wrong for people to be frustrated after all these years of oppression? NO! So for state officers and government officials to bring in the National Guard into these states to “control” these people is outrageous and it only adds more fuel to the fire.

On top of this, is it really necessary to go undercover to spy on peaceful protestors? The government is treating these protests as if they are terrorist attacks, sending in undercover police. Yup, these officers were dressed in regular clothes, bodycams and even arrived in armored cars. One specific incident took place in Washington.

According to the Washington Post,” Scores of armed, helmeted men in blue and olive drab shirts took up positions around the nation’s capital last week, many without uniforms, badges or formal markings.

These people aren’t the KKK or Al Qaeda you don’t need to do all of this for peaceful protestors. Like c’mon people they are treating these people like a plague that needs to be exterminated. When in reality bringing in the National Guard and the “police” only shows how scared they are of change.

The National Guard should only be brought in when the state government might be overrun. Due to the media overhyping the riots Trump has brought in his Jim Crow gladiators. Now they are trying to do the same thing in Kenosha and we should not stand for it.

This reminds me of  “Bloody Sunday”  when peaceful protesters were beaten by law enforcement. Instead of state troopers beating on us and inflicting pain upon us, we have the National Guard disrupting our voice. Unlike back then, we have other ways of spreading our message through the internet.

So bringing in the National Guard does nothing but amplify the fact they are trying to stop us from achieving equality. Also, couldn’t the National Guard be somewhere else like down south helping with the hurricanes and things of that nature?

What happened to the National Guard being used for change as they did not so long ago in Little Rock, Arkansas, or even when they helped with the integration of the University of Alabama. 

America once used the National Guard as a tool of peace and progression to help bridge the gap of us being separated as a people. Sad to see how far our government has strayed away from that thinking and now uses the National Guard to only mute our screams for justice and most of all equality