The train station just got remodeled. Does it matter anymore?

 There is a new topic in the town of Homewood. That’s right, a new train station! Homewoodians have been waiting to see this happen because many believe that a newly designed train station was much needed. Since COVID came around, train usage has lowered. Will this new design attract more people to ride the train despite COVID?

When the train station was first built, it attracted many people, especially ones who used the train to get to the city; Not teens, adults. Don’t get me wrong, some teens could think it is cool, like me! It was originally based on a spanish mission design, so that kind of explains how old it is. 

Nowadays, the walls are peeling, the paint and concrete is chipped up and it smells a bit funny down there. People who ride the train to get to work and go to the city a lot would appreciate a new station.

This pandemic is still hitting the world and our community hard, so when it does get remodeled, people will still feel unsafe about riding the train.

When the station gets remodeled, people will hesitate to visit it because of the pandemic going on. Trains are hotspots for many adults, especially ones that use it as transportation to get to work. More people riding a train would mean greater risk of catching coronavirus.

As said, many people do and will start using the train to get to work or other places, especially if the station gets remodeled. Also, it will give teenagers an excuse to go spend more money stupidly downtown. I don’t know what is worse, teens my age spending $300 for a shirt, or the well-being of the current train station. 

Every time you walk down the pathway in the train station, you’ll get hit with a wicked stench. Sometimes it smells like gasoline, sometimes it smells like something died in there, sometimes both. So, a new train station would make our community a more pleasant place to live. 

Also, the paint on the wall is peeling more than my skin with a bad sunburn. I do love summer, but it would’ve been better if I could go to the city on the train without being at risk of catching a deadly disease!

Speaking of risk, people may feel iffy about the decision because it’s been around for a while. However, there’s a new generation of people in town. We want to see new things and we want more modernized work. As a fellow Homewoodian, I would love to see a more modern train station. Not to mention, it is being completely taken care of!

The Homewood Appearance Commission has announced that the project is being fully funded, so my question is… Why are we even hesitating? Give the people what they want; A MODERNIZED STATION! At least these funds are going towards something helpful and impactful for the community, and not towards creature-like clothes bought by kids for way too much money.