The South Should Take Notes

Antwuan Sparks, Op-Ed Editor

  Finally, some progress is being made in America. I know, right? It sounds crazy that this disaster of a country is making progress, but California is systematically beginning to change the culture within its state in a great way. 


  On Oct. 1, CNN reported, California signed off on a bill that would allow for a nine-man task squad to inform California residents on slavery and find ways to make reparations for slavery. California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill establishing a task force to study and make recommendations on reparations for slavery.


 The reparations mentioned include informing the general public on slavery and black people, while also paying and economically helping lower incomed black people out. 


  Some progress is finally being made and, as a black American, I love to see it. No, buildings aren’t being burned or police aren’t harming innocent protestors, this is causing a change in the safest way possible. See, all that craziness brings attention to the situation, but in order to have real change, we need to inform each other about different cultures we don’t understand.


 Even the states that didn’t fully indulge in slavery as hard are starting to recognize the flaws in their systems. But California is far from finished the reparations was a good first step now they need to work on the taxation of certain impoverished areas.


 Some of these flaws are seen in multiple areas of California’s legal system from the high taxation in California that leaves the minority which is made up mostly of African-Americans and Latino Americans to be the main subject of toxic pollutions.


 California Health Care Foundation reported, “African-Americans in California had the highest rate of new prostate, colorectal, and lung cancer cases, and the highest death rates for breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer.”


 Now I understand there are many problems that still need to be addressed in California like the pollution and the high taxes forcing minorities to move next to these toxic facilities. I will say though they are making progress and that is better than nothing. We as the people see the discrimination amongst us and we have always been vocal about it but nobody has been listening.


 A study was done by PEW a group that has been studying demographics all around the world since 2004 reported this on June 17, 2019,” 59% of black adults believe slavery impacts them.” and “while 66 percent of Democrats say the country hasn’t gone far enough in giving black people equal rights.”


 This report was before the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) was prominent and in full effect, so even before it became the “cool” thing to talk about and acknowledge. Americans and politicians have known this for a while and yet still some states aren’t trying to repair the damage that their founding fathers instilled onto black people.


 Mississippi, Texas, Alabama and many more have yet to make any real sort of contribution to repaying those who were set back by slavery. The thing that they profited off of the most, the thing that built their states’ current economic situations, the thing that basically gave America free labor for 400 YEARS!   


 So you want to sit here and tell me that you guys can’t even pass a simple bill or something to help fix what your ancestors messed up. It is sad to see how slow we are progressing in this wack country that I once thought was so awesome. Man America is so dysfunctional and the south makes me sick with how they try to sweep slavery under the rug like it never happened.

 Cole once said “ They tell me “What’s done in the dark, will find a way to shine I done did so much that when you see you might go blind.” Well the South has done so much in the dark when we see it you can forget about going blind we will all burn from the dirty, grimy things the South has done. 


 But I’m not surprised. look at where we live, look at who runs our country, look at the many injustices across American history, I guess the South is just a product of their environment.