PS5 vs. Xbox Series X: Which One is Better?

Attention all gamers: the new gaming consoles are coming your way, and it is your choice of whether you want the Xbox Series X or the PS5! These releases are the biggest news that the gaming community has heard in years, but many are struggling to decide which console to purchase. Which side are you on?

Throughout the years, there has always been conflict about whether the Xbox or Playstation is better. From statistical comparisons to memes, people are finding ways to try to pull others to their side. So, lets see what all the hype is about, and let’s look at some of the statistics.

First off, let’s look at the speed of the processor. The PS5’s processor sits at 3.5 GHz, which is pretty fast for a console compared to the past ones. However, the Xbox Series X tops out at a whopping 3.8 GHz, which is even faster than the PS5. This means with the Xbox, you’ll be running apps, loading into games and beating your opponents even faster.

Continuing on the topic of speed, let’s look at the amount of Teraflops or in other words, how many calculations the system can make in a second. The PS5 has approximately 10.3 Teraflops, which means that it can do about 10.3 trillion calculations per second. On the other hand, the xbox has 12 Teraflops, meaning that it can perform 12 trillion operations per second, which is greater than the PS5.

One big difference I saw when researching the two consoles is the storage capacity. The Xbox sits at 1 terabyte, or 1,000 gigabytes, while the PS5 is only at 825 gigabytes. 175 gigabytes is a lot of storage and you can fit more games depending on how much storage they take up. So if you’re the type that plays multiple games, then choose the Xbox Series X.

Lastly, I think I have found the most impactful statistic on the whole situation. Both systems have backwards compatibility, which means you can play games from the past consoles. Yet, there is still a difference between the two. You guessed it, the Xbox is in the lead! The PS5 is compatible with games from the past console, which is the PS4. The Xbox, on the other hand, is compatible with games from the Xbox one and the Xbox 360, which are the past TWO generations of the console. This is huge because the people who have been playing for the longest can go back and play those old games that they missed and in better graphics.

Obviously, the facts show that the Xbox Series X is statistically better than the PS5 and I am correct because all the other stats are the same. The first console I got was the xbox, and I will stay with it because I put work into my games and I do not want to lose that data. Choose wisely, because they are both $500. I am here to say that the Xbox Series X fulfills both quality and quantity so you should stick with me and choose it!