Is your relationship too serious?

Teenage relationships are inevitable. It’s a part of growing up, discovering who we are, and trying new things.

Many memories are being made at this time, often with high school sweethearts.

Relationships are suppose to be fun, free, and without constraints. However, when teen relationships start to become more serious than fun, and the couples start to talk about things like marriage, it is going too far.

There are sure signs to tell if a relationship is becoming too serious. Too serious meaning the relationship is getting in the way of your relationships with friends, family, or even school.

If your class is in South and his class is in North, why are you walking them to class? You’ll see them in an hour, chill.

Your relationship shouldn’t be your only priority.

If you are spending all your time with your boyfriend/girlfriend and aren’t balancing time between friends, that can be a problem. Who are you going to have when the relationship doesn’t work out?

You don’t have to talk to them every minute of the day. They also don’t have to text you every waking moment.

There is probably a reason they aren’t texting back. Maybe doing homework or they’re busy?

“The only person he needs to be sending heart eyes to is me,” said senior Asya Wilburn.
Emojis have become a big deal in teenage relationships, often leading to fights and arguments if sent to another girl. Girlfriends think that guys are suppose to only send certain emojis to them.

“You can send kissy faces, but only to me and your mama,” said senior Briana Thomas.

Problems in teen relationships also stem from social media.

You should never allow social media to come in between your relationship. It’s never a good idea to blow up over stuff on the internet.

A girl planning her wedding is usually  normal, but when a sophomore couple is seriously planning a wedding it’s going overboard.

If you know how you want their hair, how many guests you’re inviting, and the color of their shoes you may need to backtrack and fast!

You may need to run far, far away if these apply to you.

Remember relationships are suppose to be a breath of fresh air. You should be your partner’s escape, not add to the problems.

Relationships are suppose to be about having fun, developing new experiences, and watching each other grow. This goes for every relationship, young or old.

High school relationships are never a waste of time. These relationships could teach you a valuable lesson. You’re supposed to use them to learn new things about yourself and others.

They can also be used to  ripen your mind and allow you to figure out what you want from future relationships.

All high school relationships aren’t doomed towards a breakup, if you’re aware of how serious you are.