The Forgotten Slave Trade

 “17 million East Africans were sold into slavery,” said Senegalese author Tidiane N’Diaye. No, this statistic does not come from the Atlantic slave trade. It comes from the East African slave trade, I know you probably didn’t even know that this existed. With slaves 


The East African slave trade annually sold 50,000 slaves from 650 BCE to basically 2007. In 2007 Mauritania finally made slavery a criminal offense. This is horrendous they were still selling and moving slaves throughout the middle east and nobody cared. 


Now, I understand that they were going through a rough period with the Second Sundanese Civil War which has one of the highest death tolls for a war right besides World War II. But that is no excuse for trading other human beings and treating them as if they are property.


Also, this slave trade was going on way before this infamous war and the one before it. Even before English settlers were really getting into the full swing of things with the Atlantic slave trade. Yet, this receives no real conversation within the school’s education system.


I don’t see why this isn’t talked about in World History classes across the United States. This injustice lasted for longer than America’s slave history. The Middle East had slaves while Americans were at home playing their ps3’s. I know this has nothing to do with America but we poke our nose into everyone else’s business into everything else that has nothing to do with us.


Now, I am sorry but this has to also be said: Africa I am so disappointed in the fact you would trade your fellow man. Matter of fact, scratch that. You traded a human dealing with the same problems as you war and famine to these foreigners, all because they came from a different tribe. You sold people into a life of rape, assault, and death for resources. Then labeled them as “war-criminals” when in reality, they were just fighting for what they believed in just like you.


To all the Arab Muslims who traded for these so-called “war-criminals”, you are an ignorant piece of scum. You killed and murdered people of all races and made them do hard labor for your bidding for over 1,000 years. So you stole or as they would say “traded” for these people from all sorts of lands and brought them into nothing but terror.


This slave trade not only impacted East Africans but also impacted Europeans as well according to the World Heritage Encyclopedia,” Between 1 million and 1.25 million Europeans were captured between the 16th and 19th centuries”.


It is just sickening and those captured sometimes were castrated by their owners so that they could become Eunuchs. Which were positions basically to serve at certain social events and sometimes for kings. In today’s time, this would be like cutting off the waiter’s “family jewels” for Matt Damon’s birthday party. 


It is just sickening how much was stolen from the humans who had to endure this slave trade. From their organs down to their life. So, the moral of the story is we owe it to those that had to go through this nasty to at least mention them in some way. We can’t let this die in history because those who suffered this unfortunate fate become a lost memory and receive no justice.