H-F Students Participate in Virtual College Tours


Desiree Barnett, News Writer

Due to COVID-19 college tours have been made virtual. It’s generally a fun activity upperclassmen look forward to. Even though we’re living in the time of COVID-19, tours are still taking place with the help of google meets and or zoom.

The downside to these meetings would be that the students don’t get to actually walk the campus. During the meetings students can ask questions and fill out applications. 

 Mr.Kain one of the college consultants here at H-F has been giving out great advice for 9 years.

Virtual visits take place Monday-Thursday from 3:00-4:00 and on Friday from 8:30-2:30.

If interested “students can find the schedule and sign up by visiting Naviance. Once the student  clicks on sign up they will receive a link to join the meeting,” said Kain.

Many question how many students actually take advantage of this opportunity.

“Approximately 375 students have registered to join the virtual visits,” Kain said.

Tours resumed after Thanksgiving break and continue through Dec 10. The tours will be offered again in the spring.

At H-F there are two college consultants who help give advice for years to come. According to Kevin Coy, one of the consultants who has filled this position for eight years.

“This year, it appears that students seem to participate less in virtual events, although I would highly encourage it, because some colleges are offering some great opportunities for students and families,” Coy said.

Although our students haven’t taken a liking to these virtual meetings, college reps have taken a liking to some of our students. 

“There has definitely been more of a variety of college reps, from across the nation, looking to meet with our students. So now is the time to meet!” said Coy.

When touring you get the general sense of the school. But this year seniors are struggling to get and actual feeling of the school.

“For my virtual tours, there was someone who guided us through the application process. They answered all our questions and then showed us some of the buildings. It wasn’t really a tour but it was the best they could do,”senior Chloe Castady said. 

 Castady has attended two virtual visits for the University of Minnesota and Marquette University.

Everyone has their own opinions but for Castady “I would rate my virtual experience a seven out of ten. It was very informative. I just wish I could get an idea of the campus and what it looks like,Castady said. I would much rather take an actual visit to really get a feel of the campus.

Although tours end for the semester this past Thursday, you can participate in some next semester. Beginning next semester, the college consultants schedule will open up for juniors and seniors.