College isn’t the only road to success

College isn’t the only road to success

Choosing colleges can be a stressful time for many high school students. You’re deciding on a place to devote four years of your life to, but is college a necessary choice?

The truth is, college isn’t for everyone, yet high schools and parents continue to push students to go to college and apply to top-tier schools.

These schools aren’t cheap either. According to College Data statistics, a private school averages a little over $30,000 a year and public schools cost about $9,000 a year for those who are state residents.

With the cost of college higher than ever before, trade or vocational schools become more and more attractive.

The demand for trade workers is very high, and these careers probably pay better than you would think.

This way you won’t be dragging around college debt.

There are also great apprenticeship programs that act as alternatives to universities and give you a hands-on education that applies directly to your desired field.

According to Forbes, an elevator electrician can make close to $100,000 a year, and plumbers can make even more if employed in areas of high demand like Chicago or Boston.

Even though someone with a bachelor’s degree earns more on average than a degree in the trades, the numbers aren’t that spread apart.

So for those who believe a four-year college degree is the only road to a fine future, they haven’t considered the trades.